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    Default Online Werewolf Game

    A great game of Werewolf i played at

    What Is Werewolf?

    Werewolf is a dynamic game of logic, personalities and interpersonal relationships. Every game is slightly different, and is always a challenge for everybody. It is a game where villagers need to discover the identity of the hidden wolves using limited information.

    The game (also called Mafia or Demon) originated in 1986 as a real-life role playing game. Online Werewolf became popular on the internet when people started playing inside of message board threads.

    NOTE: For the purposes of this guide, only ONLINE games of WEREWOLF will be discussed. If you would like a detailed history of the game itself, or would like to read about variations other than Werewolf, Wikipedia has a great Mafia (game) section.

    Online Werewolf consists of two or more factions; usually one good team (villagers) and one evil team (wolves). Some of the more complicated games may feature more than one good or evil faction, as well as neutral characters.

    In addition to the players involved in the game, there also needs to be a moderator (referred to as a "Host" or "Mod") to administer the game startup and play. US Gamers is the first site to offer Automatic Game Hosting. This forum does not require a human host if the players wish to play a basic game on their own. Information on using the forum's Automatic Host is contained in the Starting a New Game tutorial thread.

    Why Should I Play?

    To socialize in a way you've never seen before. To find the unknown wolves and hide if you are one. To capitalize on other people's mistakes and learn from your own. To enhance your decision making capabilities. And...

    *For the THRILL of Victory and the agony of defeat*

    Every player adds something special to USG Werewolf. Join us to experience the excitement. Let's see if you have what it takes to conquer the game!

    The Generic Roles

    A basic (vanilla) Werewolf Game contains three different role types; Villagers, Wolves, and Seers. Each role has different abilities. Villagers and Seers are part of a "good" faction, while Wolves are "evil" beings. The role descriptions are as follows:

    VILLAGERS - The most common and least powerful character in the game. Villagers have no knowledge of anyone else's role and have to figure everything out from scratch. They are allowed to speak (post) during the Day phase, and they sleep during the night Phase. The goal is to discover and kill (lynch) the Wolves. As a Villager, you and your team win if all of the Wolves are dead.

    WOLVES - They look like normal civillians by Day. But at Night, they are ugly, hairy, and dangerous creatures known as WEREWOLVES! The Wolves start each game off by knowing the identities of all other Wolves. They do not however, know which Villagers are Seers. Wolves come in a much smaller quantity than Villagers. Survival is the main goal. Wolves need to blend in with the Village and try to hunt down the Seers. Wolves are entitled to kill one player each Night phase. They are also allowed to chat privately (ONLY) throughout the Night in order to discuss their kill candidates. As a wolf, you and your team will win if the number of Wolves is greater than or equal to the combined number of Villagers and Seers.

    SEERS - Basically, Seers are Villagers with the gift of psychic vision. They behave exactly like Villagers and have the same appearance to the Wolves. Every Night phase (sometimes before the game as well), Seers are entitled to peek, or look up the role of, any other player in the game. That player's role is immediately revealed to the Seer who has peeked them. Seers are good, and win with the Village.

    The quantity of each different role type depends on the total number of players signed up for a Werewolf Game. The following formats are a USG standard for the amount of players listed:

    (# of players - Villagers/Wolves/Seers/Pregame Seer Peek)

    5 players - 4/1/0/No
    7 players - 3/2/2/No
    9 players - 6/2/1/Yes
    11 players - 8/2/1/No
    13 players - 9/3/1/Yes
    15 players - 11/3/1/No
    17 players - 12/4/1/Yes
    19 players - 14/4/1/No
    21 players - 14/5/2/Yes
    23 players - 16/5/2/No
    25 players - 17/6/2/Yes
    27 players - 19/6/2/No
    29 players - 20/7/2/Yes
    31 players - 22/7/2/No
    33 players - 22/8/3/Yes
    35 players - 24/8/3/No
    37 players - 25/9/3/Yes
    39 players - 27/9/3/No

    The above suggestions are optimally balanced for a vanilla Werewolf Game. Note that each consists of an odd number of players. It is not recommended to play with an even number of total players, unless the Game Host is experienced or there are other role types in the game.

    Pregame Setup

    Before playing a Werewolf game, the Game Host has to randomly assigns roles to the players. Then, those roles are sent out (via Private Message) so that everyone knows their own character. Seers and/or Wolves can submit any necessary pregame actions. When all players confirm participation in the thread (or to the Host), or if a preset start time is reached, the game is ready to begin.

    Werewolf Gameplay

    Once roles have been assigned and a Werewolf Game has started, there are two different phase types throughout the game:

    DAY Phase - During the Day is when all of the thread activity takes place. Everyone is awake. Everyone looks like a normal Villager. Everyone is supposedly acting the same. Villagers and Seers are trying to hunt for Wolves. Wolves are pretending like they're trying to hunt for Wolves. While it is Day, the players can vote for whomever they think is a likely Werewolf. The player with the most votes at the end of the Day's time limit is lynched and declared dead. If Majority Lynches are enabled for a game, Day will prematurely end when a single player has been majoritized.

    NIGHT Phase - Sleepy time. There is no thread posting at Night. Wolves and Seers stay awake while Villagers rest comfortably in their beds. During the Night is the only time Wolves are allowed to chat outside of the thread. They get to decide on a Night kill for each Night phase. Wolves can only kill a non-Wolf. While that's happening, the individual Seers each get a chance to submit a peek. All Wolf and Seer actions must be submitted before their deadline; which is 80% of the time allotted for Night.

    Phase duration may vary from game to game. In turbos, the Day phase is typically 20 or 25 minutes long and the Night phase is usually 5 minutes long. In long games, each Day/Night is a real-life 24 hours. Long game Days usually run from 9am to 9pm and Nights from 9pm to 9am. Of course, this is all up to the Game's Host and/or players.

    All Werewolf Games cycle back and forth between Day and Night until one team is left victoriously standing. If there are no Wolves remaining, the Village wins. If the number of Wolves is greater than or equal to the number of Villagers & Seers combined, the Wolves win.

    About The USG Sofware

    When it comes to playing Online Werewolf, has the best forum-integrated software on the planet -- bar none. Our forum staff has gone above and beyond to make sure the Werewolf Games played here are exciting, enjoyable, and as flawlessly run as possible; from both a Player and Game Host's perspective.

    Traditional Online Werewolf is played on forums and in game threads. USG is no different in that aspect. This was done to ensure that players from all around the world are able to play the game in the same manner which they were always comfortable playing. takes Online Werewolf Games to the next level. This is why we are better:
    Modless Games - All other forums require at least some form of human coordination to run games. USGamers is the first place to offer Automatic Hosting from start to finish!
    Built-In Vote Recording - Most places require that the players vote in a specific way (by stating their intentions, or using text formatting such as bold, italics, or underlining) to separate player names being discussed from player names being voted. At USG, this is not necessary. There are several different methods of voting, both with and without having to post. The votes are then entered into the database and clearly displayed by our software so that there are no mistakes made during the game or during rereads.
    Automated Vote Counting - Our system takes the votes that are recorded and automatically tallies them up for vote count displays. During day phases, vote counts are constantly being displayed (in real-time) on every page of the game thread. Vote counts will also appear from time to time in the reply list itself so that reading the thread a 2nd or 3rd time isn't a chore. Additional vote counts posts may be requested by the players at any time. On USG, vote counts never have to be tallied up. No more human counts, and no more Excel spreadsheets. This means less work for both the Host and the Players as well as a mistake-free playing environment for everyone!
    Integrated Player Notes - Let's face it, there are always times during a Werewolf game where you need to take notes. For players who play from different computers, this can become an administrative nightmare. Not anymore. USG provides you with the ability to take notes right in the thread, save them to the database, and access them from any computer world-wide.
    Countdown Clock & Automatic Thread Locking/Unlocking - Only USG displays the remaining time for each Day or Night phase. This clock appears on every page of the game thread. When the counter hits zero at Night, the thread automatically locks (only the Game Host may post) and disables all voting. When the counter hits zero at Day, the thread automatically unlocks and enables voting actions.
    Night Actions for Power Roles - Wolves/Mafia and Seers/Cops both get to submit their nightly actions through our software without having to deal with a 3rd party human. Once again, top-notch feasibility and zero margin for error.
    Automated Sign-Up Threads - If there is an available Werewolf Sign-Up thread, and you're not already registered, a 'Join' button will appear next to the thread listing. There is also a button to join/leave the game from within the thread. This ensures that you will get a spot in the game; even if the thread starter happened to overlook your entry. Manual sign-ups are a thing of the past.
    Constant Improvements - USG's programmers are also players! The software system continually gets better on a daily basis. The staff is around and is always willing to honor practical suggestions and requests. Feel free to start a thread if you come up with a great addition to our software.
    In addition to the incredible features listed above, you will find several other quality perks in the USG Werewolf's overall software design. As many players have said in the past, "Once you have played Werewolf on USG, it's hard to play anywhere else!"

    For more information on how to play on this forum, and to see some example screenshots, check out the Using The USG Werewolf Software thread.

    General Guidelines


    The following attempts to prove one's innocence in a game are considered cheating on this site and will most likely result in Insta-Death by Game Starter or Host:
    Direct Copy/Pasting of game-related Private Messages received.
    Direct Copy/Pasting of your own personal GameInfo display.
    Discussion about, and/or direct Copy/Pasting of, outside information such as Instant Messages or real life conversations.
    Discussion of the game (unless specifically allowed by your role type and/or description) anywhere outside of the game thread.
    Crossposting (referencing one game in another game thread) between active games.
    If you are unsure about a post you would like to make, it's probably best to check with the Host (in human-run games), or not post it at all (in automatic games).

    Code of Conduct

    The Werewolf Games on USG are friendly. We'd like to keep it that way. Game Hosts always put a lot of time and energy into developing games that are both fair and fun for everybody involved. Please don't jeopardize their efforts.

    All of our Hosts are pretty lenient when it comes to policing their games. However, they do have the ability to Silence players if they feel that their game is being disrupted or compromised by abrasive behavior. General confrontation is perfectly acceptable in Werewolf Games; abusive personal insults are not.

    Other than what's listed above, there aren't many rules to adhere to when playing Werewolf. The most important rules are to have fun and be the best player you can possibly be.

    Good Luck & we'll see you in the game threads!

    The USG Werewolf Staff

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    Well not exactly a MMO, but since the MUD/Browser section is dead, and Shadows mafia game is dead, this can't be that bad.
    Normally I'd flame the shit out of you for blocks of text, but I already know what everything says and it's so formally written that all I can say is kudos and good luck.
    I'm in a shitload of pain from jumping the rope for 10 minutes straight.

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    All I see is a forum and a broke rule..........

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