Oh my `effin gawd. I want to sing "PRAISE BE TO THE LORD ALMIGHTY!" I FINALLY found out how to get Maple Story to work on Windows Vista. Like, my GAWD.

Nexon hasn't found a solution yet but I did; even my FRIENDS who are like, computer geniuses with an IQ of 2039480298 didn't know how to fix it. [I feel smart. ]

Anyways, here's how it goes I'll provide screenshots later; Paint won't let me paste my screenshots. D::

1. Go to start and then on the bottom, below ">All Programs," it will have Start Search italicized. Click on that bar and type in "C:\Nexon\Maplestory." It will show you the "maplestory" folder. Double click on that.

2. Scroll down the folder until you see the "MapleStory" program/icon. Right click it and scroll to the bottom of the list until you see "Properties."

3. On the top of that screen, hit the "Compatibility" tab. It will say If you have problems with this program blah blah blah... and below that it will say "Compatibility mode." Check the box below that, where it says Run this program in compatibility mode for: and choose Windows XP from the list.

4. After all that, go to Control Panel. On the left side of the screen (Not with all the programs), you'll see "Control Panel Home," and "Classic View." Click on Control Panel Home. Look for the category called, "User Accounts and Family Safety." Under that, click on the link that says Set up parental controls for any user. On the left side of the screen, you'll see "Task" and links provided below, such as, Select a games ratings system and Family Saftey Options. But, wait! There's more! At the very bottom, there's User Accounts under "See also." Click that.

5. Now on the main screen, where it says, "Make changes to your user account," you'll see Change your password (if you have one), Remove your password (if you have one), blah blah, Change your picture, and below that you have two other links with the "Administrators permission icon thing," which looks like a shield. Click the one that says Turn User Account Control on or off.

UNCHECK the box that says, "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer."

You will have to restart your computer so go do that.

6. Once you relogin, double click on Maple Story, but wait! An error shows up! :| It says "This program has known compatibility issues," and it gives you the description: Check online to see if solutions are available blah blah blah. Then there's more information and stuff. Below that are three links provided. "Check for solutions online," "Run program" and "Cancel." Click on Run program.

By this part, I'm doing it by memory `cause I already fixed it and I don't remember exactly what the errors said so if what I'm telling you isn't exactly what's written on your screen, don't pay attention to it.

7. But wait! Another compatibility error shows up. It'll give you three links (I think), two of which will say something like, "Run the program/Solve the problem and close the program," and "Check solutions online," or something. If you see BOTH Run the program and solve the problem and close the program, click on [b]Run the program[/i]. It will automatically close. Perfect.

8. A pop up will show on the LOWER RIGHT HAND CORNER of your screen. This is where my mind gets REALLY fuzzy. Something about "DEP." I forgot what it stood for. Maybe it wasn't even DEP; maybe it was something else, but whatever. Click that mini-program where it looks kind of like a computer. A screen will show up. It talks about how this program closes all other programs that runs on your memory and may be bad for your computer blah blah. But they're stupid and think that Maple Story is bad for your computer.

I don't remember exactly what I pressed but there may be something like, "Settings" or "Properties" or whichever link there may be. Click it.

There will be options you can choose from (If what you clicked on shows you the same screen that I saw). One will say something like, "Don't let any programs to play" or whatever, to sum it all up. The other option BELOW that one will say, "Don't let any programs to play EXCEPT the ones I choose." Check that box. Then you can "add" those programs. Wherever it says "Add," click that. To get to the maplestory programs, go to Desktop, then click on My Computer. From there, click on HP (C; click on Nexon, then click on MapleStory. Add ALL the programs from the list, which should only be three.



(I chose everything `cause I didn't know what I was doing. I think all you have to choose is Launcher and Maplestory though. I just chose Setup `cause I was paranoid and desperate thinking, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET MS RUNNING! D xD

Anyways. Click Okay and apply or whatever.

IFFFF by ANY CHANCE, after the "DEP" screen or whatever shows up and it doesn't have "Settings" or "Properties" or whatever, I think there's a "Help" button that guides you through on how to add programs to the "OK" list. =P

I hope that guide will set you through.