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Well, let me start off saying that Shotguns arNT newb friendly due to the fact that they are the hardest weapon to use next to the spear. How so? Slowest fire rate, and smallest reticle for spike damage. Since NCSoft finally balanced the game back to the way it was in CB shotties are very strong. But how strong you ask? The spattergun [33k] do 520 per two shots (or around there) which means if you use scootwing or the new standard arms you can easily pull out 3K dmg + as long as you dont miss. The overheat for arms and shotties was decreased which means that you can get in 6 to 7 shots depending on the arms you use. Spear shotty is the hardest to do (Pr0s call this set up dragooning) you really need to know how and wehn to strike with the spear and trust me there are only a select few who are considered dragooning, and when i mean a select few i mean maybe 5 in the whole game.

In a way yes.