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Thread: How's the bot problem in SoTNW?

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    Default How's the bot problem in SoTNW?

    I tried SoTNW when it went F2P, and it was packed with gold bots. How's the bot problem now? I've been thinking of starting again since they took off the patrol mode thing. Also, is there any new servers after the patch? I don't really wanna play on a server where the bulk of the population has already lvled up being afk, and then I have to work for my lvls (which is the way I prefer it, but not when everyone else got a free ride).

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    I've played up to lvl 20 so far, and I haven't noticed too many bots...

    They have 4 servers, 1 UK and 3 US. I think all of them have PVP or w/e.

    I do see a lot of people just sitting around AFK in dungeons and stuff.

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