Yesterday I downloaded Seal Online from the official website onto my desktop computer (everything went well) I took 2 hours to patch and I was loading the game when the game just stopped at the loading screen. I tried it again with all sorts of settings and restarted my PC many tmes but it still doesnt work. Now for some reason my Desktop PC broke down (its a old PC but it meets the req of the game). I downloaded Seal onto my MAC with bootcamp so it runs windows but now when I open Seal it saids I cannot connect. It worked fine just hours ago.

Could it be that the direct link does not work (I reinstalled many times)

Now I'm getting the one from Filefront hopefully that one would work

If you guys have any ideas or solutions plz help me I really want to play Seal Online (I've been stuck with nothing to play for 3 months and finally finds Seal but now its not working)
Oh yea could it be that the graphic card is not Nvidia Geoforce so it crashes (its some kind of Intel thing cuz im using a Mac (my Pc broke down as I said above...))

Ive posted this on the official forums but no one replied so im hoping someone here could help

I'm in the proccess of reinstalling windows on my desktop PC and then deleting everything in it cuz there may be a virus or something (clean install)