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Thread: Cleric & Priest Guide on Making Mesos.

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    Default Cleric & Priest Guide on Making Mesos.

    Cleric & Priest Guide on Making Mesos
    OKay, before I start, I would like to tell you all that I am from MapleSEA and not Global MapleStory, so the farming areas might be slightly different, for example: Sakura Cellions and Voodoos to our Mr.Anchors and such.
    I'd love to have a little bit of help on this guide because I can't play GMS and I don't know much about the farming spots there. So if you have any information that would help, please share it with us to contribute to this guide, thanks =)
    Also take note that some prices will differ from GMS's usual FM prices because I don't have any idea how much does the item/scroll costs in GMS servers so I'll just put MSea's FM prices first. I will change it ASAP when anyone informs me of the current item prices in GMS servers.

    The way of making mesos:
    1. Save your mesos. Do not spend it on anything that is not useful or whatever such as Christmas Tree (around 3mil+) or Pico Pico Hammers (1mil+, available for sale in Showa).

    2. Buy potions from the market and not from shops. Mana elixers costs around 600+ in shops but in the Free Market, they're only 550 each. Sunset Dews are 10.2k in shops but they cost 8k each in the Free Market. That's 2.2k mesos saved for each Dew!

    3. If you're rich enough, use the Gachapon machine to make mesos. Beware though. The best place to use Gachapon tickets is at Zipangu. Rare items available there: Brown Work Glove, White Scroll, Pink Capes and the list goes on. Take note that some traders will camp around the Gachapon machine at Channel 1, Zipangu to buy items from the people.

    4. Never, EVER sell your scrolls to traders who spam "B>SCROLLS OFFER ME NOW!!!111ONEONEONELEVEN!". They usually buy the scrolls some few 100k's below the normal market price.

    5. Never play drop games. It could end up with you losing your items and get banned in the end.

    6. Never fall for scams like "Do you want to duplicate your shield/hat/earrings? Trade them to me and I'll help you to do that!"

    7. Never buy maps from people unless you're confirm you can earn more than that. I bought a Ghost Ship 5 map for 150k once and farmed only 300k at there :/.

    8. Farm mesos at monsters which you can kill in one or two hits. It would be better if the ETC items bring good mesos, for example: Sold Horns dropped by Jr Kitties are bought by people for 100 mesos each for the Orbis Exchange Quest. The best: Meso rate high + Nice ETC drops + 1/2 hits kill.

    Farming spots:
    Lv1 to Lv10
    Since you're still at Maple Island, there's nothing much to do except whacking snails >.>"

    Lv11 +
    Slime tree. Slimes there drop bubblings that are sold for 50 mesos each when you NPC them to shops. On rare occasions, they drop 100% Cape for DEX scrolls which are worth around 200k or more.

    Lv21 +
    Kerning Party Quest would be the best idea for now. Whenever you finish a KPQ, there's a chance that you'll get earrings or potions or scrolls at the end. Best scroll: 10% Overall DEX - 450k ~ 600k

    If you do not wish to do KPQ, you can always go to Horny/Green mushrooms to train.

    Lv30 +
    Jr Sentinels, Fire Sentinels & Ice Sentinels at Orbis Tower if you're free. Collect the ETC drops and then go down to Huckle at the 10th floor. Exchange for scrolls and sell them for 35k each.

    Train at Ant Tunnel on Zombie Mushrooms and Horny Mushrooms. Collect the ETC drops and NPC them or sell to players who need them for quests.

    Lv35 +
    Ludibrium Party Quest would be good. Nice rewards at the bonus and at the end. Stick to it for now.

    Lv43 +
    Platoon Choronos. They drop Esther Shields, 60% Glove for Attacks which are worth a ton if you're lucky enough to get them. Nice mesos rate, will also drop white potions and blue potions and they also drop Red Moonlights, a lv38 female Magician overall. If you're a female Magician, don't buy the overall from the shop for 450k and hunt them on yourself. Clerics are recommended to train and farm here.

    Lv48 +
    Wraiths! They're located at Kerning City's subways. Go straight to the last map, find an empty map and start training and farming at the same time. Wraiths drop Red Whips and Black Bandanas. Red Whips are worth around 900k and Black Bandanas 100k.

    Lv55 +
    Coolie Zombies. The ETC item drops can be sold for 100 mesos or more each for the Orbis Exchange Quest. Items dropped by Coolie Zombies can either be NPC-ed or sold to players.

    Mysterious Path 3 would be a good choice. Nice item drops, nice mesos rate, Experience points are fast too. Crowded map though, hard to get a slot around there. 3 person per map is the max because there are 3 lanes there.

    You can always party some people or join their parties at Ghost Ship 1. Nice experience points and mesos. I don't really have any experience there because I was lv8x when Singapore's Exclusive map came out. Not really crowded. 2 ~ 3 person per party.

    Ghost Ship 2 would also be a nice idea. Nice mesos rate and the best thing is, the monsters' weakness is holy. Heal your way to farm mesos and to level. Quite crowded at some times. 2 ~ 3 person per party.

    Ghost Ship 5 is the 24-hours-7-days-confirm-got-people map. Hardest map to get and hardest slot to get too. Most of them there want Priests with maxed Holy Symbol there. Best drop: Steely Throwing-Knifes, worth around 2.5million mesos in the market. 1 ~ 3 person per party.

    Congratulations! You have finally achieved 3rd job after days, weeks, months, years of training!

    Mysterious Path 3: Look above for more details.

    Ghost Ship 2: Look above for more details.

    Ghost Ship 5: Look above for more details.

    Mysterious Path 3: Look above for more details.

    Ghost Ship 2: Look above for more details.

    Ghost Ship 5: Look above for more details.

    Ghost Ship 6: This is where you meet fat monsters which are named Mr.Anchors. Deals around 200++ damage with max Invincible and Bless. Spam heal here and it's best if you get a hermit with max Meso Up to party with you. Nice mesos drop rate. Red Essence can be either sold or exchanged for White Essence. White Essences are worth around 350k for 1. Best drops: 60% Dagger Attack, worth around 850k+ and 60% Cape for LUK, worth around 900k ~ 1.1million mesos.

    Bain: If you truly want to go baining, its best to have maxed Elemental Resistance or at least have it at level 5 ~ 10. Keep your Magic Guard on all the time unless you have a HP set or unless the attacker is a Dragon Knight. If so, you can choose not to use Magic Guard but remember to have an eye on HB and your HP. The Male Boss will spawn in front of the tank occasionally and remember to have Magic Guard on when you see it. One shot of his gun deals 3k++ damage. 1 party consists of: 1 Priest, 1 Attacker - Dragon Knight, Knight or Ice Mage, 1 Lurer - Hermit or Chief Bandit. The EQs dropped there are given according to the party list. EQs dropped by the Male Boss or the monsters that the Male Boss summons are not counted with the rare exception of when Male Boss drops a set of Steely Throwing-Knifes. If you are careful with where you walk and loot the item drops, you won't spam that much MP pots.

    Ghost Ship 6 - Read above for details.

    Bains - Read above for details.

    Sotongs (Squids) - Swim carefully in the map to avoid banging into the squids. They deal around 1k+ damage. Remember to have Invincible and Bless on ALL the time. Do not use Magic Guard here if you have a HP set or there is a Dragon Knight in the party. 6 is the maximum number for a party. Exp rate not bad, mesos rate so and so.

    Mong (Himes for GMS) - Get a DK to party you and remember to have an eye on HB and your HP or you could always use a HP set. Mesos rate there is high and so is the exp rate. Use Magic Guard whenever casting buffs and right click the Magic Guard thingy on the top right of your screen when you're done. Remember to ALWAYS have ON Invincible or else you'll die.

    Singapore Boss (SG Boss) - Party a Dragon Knight and ask him/her to HB you first before dropping the White Essence in the middle. Have Magic Guard, Invincible, Bless and Holy Symbol on all the time. Stick close to the Boss's body because it deals lesser damage (1k+ damage) compared to the annoying ship that deals 3.5k damage for us Priests with maxed Elemental Resistance. All of the potions are split & if there's an EQ, the item would be sold and the mesos split among the Priest & the Dragon Knight. Reindeer Milks always goes to the Dragon Knights and the Priests always gets all the Sunset Dews. You can only go in 2 times a day.

    Ghost Ship 6 - Look above for more details

    Bains - Look above for more details.

    Sotongs - Look above for more details

    Mong - Look above for more details

    Singapore Boss (SG Boss) - Look above for more details.

    Good to do Quests:
    - Will be updated soon -

    Credits to: - for information on various monster drops.
    Playpark Forums -> Pearlite's Priest Guide - on the maps and such.

    - Will continue tomorrow -
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