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Thread: Detailed Instructions Plz!!!

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    Question Detailed Instructions Plz!!!

    Hi, im new and ive been trying to download and play Fiesta Online. I have windows Vista on this Dell laptop and a decent connection. But for s****eason i cant get it to download correctly. Ive tried at least 4 times and cant figure it out, so i decided to sek expert help!!
    Any detailed instructions for downloading this awsome game would be greatly appreciated:3
    Please feel free to include links (Im actually begging you too)
    You guys can also send the info to my e-mail:
    I look forward to any esponse that will help me become part of this game's online community.
    Thanks in advanced

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    What exactly is going wrong with your downloads?

    Do you have any internet security, like Norton or MacAfee?

    If you do, they may be blocking you from being able to download.

    Try turning them off next time you try.

    You could try this link:


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