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Thread: Registration?

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    Default Registration?

    So i try to registrate, but then it stops me at the verification. When i verify my email, says all i need to do is login, so i try then it comes out with this popup saying that my password cant be the same as my ID, but it isn't at all.



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    This game seems to have a registration problem in overal cause I'm registered there but can't enter the game because it says that this account doesn't exist. Then I go to the site and get the same results.
    I'm trying then to send my account name and password to my mail and it says that my mail doesn't exist. However, when I try to create a new account with the same data it says that this email and username already exists and can't be used. <_<

    So since you can't post in their forums about issues without logging in and you can't login because it won't let you even with correct data to do so, I gave up the game and moved to others. Good Luck though!

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