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Thread: Choosing your Class

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    Default Choosing your Class

    Note that these are my opinions and based on what i have seen, done, and other stuff on each class
    Also based on what i have noticed in parties, guilds, and dp.

    Welcome to my thread =D
    Here I will try to give as much information on each class without making you already know the class... cuz then you wont have as much fun in being surprised =P Note that these are the beginning races after you have chosen your first class on Trainee Island.

    My favorite race is Deva because they are the most useful I say and the most unique race. Also cause they fight for righteousness!!! lol

    Weapons colored in RED are the weapons that I would choose for each race but it depends on your likes.

    I only have a passive skill in hw... cuz i was gonna do passives but passives are great for any class so yea... pick the passive skill that is most effective in your class
    ================================================== ========
    DEVA---Dedicated to Healing, taking hits and supporting. Just not the most damage dealing race

    Holy Warrior--- good self buffs... great with shield and good sheild skillz... only problem is that lots of idiots duel wield with hw... hw is way better with a shield and u can stun/debuff with shield too... prepare to never die and tank multiple mobs even in a dungeon party... hw is also an awesome debuffer which is very useful for bosses or dp

    Good Skillz: Offense/Defense Breaker---Shield Blow---All 3 self buffs---Armor passive skill---Shield Mastery

    Weapons: 1h Sword or 1h Mace both with shield... 2h sword... spear
    Cleric--- awesome/uber buffs and good healing... cleric tends to run out of mp fast so be prepared with mp pots/scrolls/food... pet is absolutely freaking necessary like a Turtle pet for basics... and surprisingly good at soloing... clerics are ALWAYS needed for a great dp... Remember to socket a lot of Int stones to raise your max mp and healing effectiveness

    Good Skillz: Each buff EXCEPT Wisdom until higher levels---Healing---EarthSpear cuz it stuns =)... About the wisdom, until you are R3 and higher, there is really no point in wisdom except for pvp since it gives MagicDefense. No monster uses magic attacks early in the game

    Weapons: Use a 2h Mace if you are soloing or a 2h Staff if you are in a party
    Breeder---the best pet class... best pet buffs (the only pet buffs that can be used on others)... they can heal the pet nicely and have great skillz but run out of mp fast too like cleric... since the mp runs out fast, its koolness goes down, but still my favorite

    Good Skillz: (first of all... the skill tree is nearly overfilled so ill do a few i like)---DivineClaw---CreatureBreeding---StrengthSupport (or whatever support u like)---DivineCluster---OrganicResistance

    Weapons: Look at cleric... just that a staff is less effective here
    ASURA---Dedicated to doing damage and moving on to the next thing to kill

    Strider--- Personally, i dont care for striders. so ill try to keep this low biased. Striders attack fast while duel wielding and do good damage. But arent great in taking many hits and a few skillz. I found myself getting bored after a while since there arent any skillz to really use and im just walking around killing things. But Striders will pretty much become the strongest class if they have lots of buffs Also, Striders can also use CrossBows which are weaker but faster than bows... theres a boss in dungeons where an Xbow Strider is useful for its hp regen block type skillz o_O so u have 2 options =D

    GoodSkillz: BloodyBlade---DeepEvasion---Concentration/QuickPace---and lets not forget ASSASSIN IMPACT lol... but I seriously still dont like this class

    Weapons: Duel-Wielding Swords or Daggers/Dirks/Knives whatever u call it or CrossBow
    DarkMagi---a great damage dealer---steal hp too and buff others nicely---only prob is that they die fast! If you use the skillz wisely and have a few mp pots, you should be good on mp for a while until u might have to rest. Be sure to socket many Int stones to keep max mp and do more damage. You also may want to socket Vit stones to stay alive.

    GoodSkillz: DarknessArrow FTW---DarkMight---WindWeapon---DarknessSaver---LifeLeach---Fire Arrow and Lightning Bolt (may have named them wrong, but using these 2 consecutively is nice)

    Weapons:2H Staff ONLY lol... NO 1H STAFF EITHER... or a mace ffs lol seen that before... made me mad
    Sorcerer--- Their toggle pet skill is half as good as breeder's... a few DM skillz and strider skillz... they sacrifice thier own hp/mp to heal creature lol.... Dont care too much for this class either but i havent trained a sorcerer high enough to really see

    GoodSkillz: well umm... LifeLeech---Lion'sClaw---CreatureBreeding---Power/MagicSupport

    Weapons: Dagger + Sheild... but you can use a staff too if you choose using mostly magic
    GAIA---Sorta between Deva and Asura... do damage, take hits, support

    Fighter---Fighter is mainly the bow person... but they can use axes... bows do tons of damage in Rappelz and they have stun/slow skillz... havent really tried the axe type but it seems kool since they can duel wield axes which is a new thing in mmos but spellsingers can too... now fighers are unique, they use things called Spiracles. You can Vitality buff yourself and heal urself with these... so train those skillz

    GoodSkillz-(AXE)FighterAxeSkill---(2h Axe)LogSplit---(BOW)LoadingRestrain---HeatShot---(ALL)SpiracleCharge and the rest of spiracle skillz

    Weapons: 2h Axe --- 2 1h axes --- or a Bow =D
    Kahuna--- They use 2h axes with magic =D Prepare to do tons of damage while buffing/healing.... the buffs and healing are not as great as cleric but a good alternative if you cant find one... or just more buffs =P They also turn people into yaks (cows sorta) if u class change into a Druid woot...

    GoodSkillz-(list will last a while)All 3 buffs + the Atk.Spd. increase one---FireShield---WaterEnchant(thats the one i would use but there are others)---Smite (yes smite... kahunas use 2h which are slower... use smite when attacking and u attack twice which is great... applies for all classes)---Restoring Purified Water

    Weapons: 2h Axe --- The passive skill also includes staves but wtf will u do with that... Kahuna doesnt actually have a hit and boom spell for a long time and 2h axes give a m.atk bonus.
    Spell Singer --- Havent really tried it but all I know is that Breeder is still way better... they can duel wield axes later and have a pet/user buff like Vitality/Strength... it seems as though if u dont want the very few skillz of a fighter and u would like a pet and willin to sacrifice a bit of stats... go SpellSinger

    GoodSkillz:UnityOfForce/Vitality---All summoners have the same skillz as others, but each one has a few unique skillz

    Weapons: 2h Axe --- SpellSingers get DuelWielding axes at Jlvl40 which means that you will be around Lv45 before you get it so plan ahead
    ================================================== ========
    Dictionary type thing---

    My home server is Bahamut... all of my chars are like Cheese7237, 7107, 7347, 7567, 7857 and CheeseFish7
    there u have them all =)

    I hope you find this useful
    Please dont flame or stuff -.-

    If you have any suggestions, post them below =D
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    the comment about striders is kinda true but my strider can go on fighting for like 8 minutes straight without healing

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