Game Name: Alteil

Game Description:
Alteil is a 100% browser-based virtual card dueling game with a Japanese RPG style. It's a translation of the number one Japanese online card game, which has been around for about 4 years. The game will have an ongoing fantasy storyline and regular expansion card pack releases. Each player is given one of four starter decks (decks are 30 cards) and an additional 20 cards for free, so you can customize your deck right off the bat. You may purchase additional booster packs, or win them in duels (the loser does NOT lose any cards, however). In addition, you continuously earn new cards just for playing. All cards, starter, free or purchased, can be used interchangeably in your deck. The card art is a major feature, contributed by big name Japanese artists like Katsuya Terada, Hitoshi Yoneda, Rei, Jun Kawasaki and Yuji Kaida. Their work can be seen on Tekken 5, Blood the last Vampire, Xanadu, Duel Masters, Code Geass the manga, the Gundam models and the American Hellboy movie. Please check out for more info, and if you want to see the game in action and can deal with a little Japanese, you can see the Japanese game at for a preview of what's to come.


Publisher: AnimeWorks Gameshop, DEX


Platforms: PC, MAC, any device that can run a web browser with Flash

Genre: Virtual card dueling, Swords and Sorcery, Anime

Status: Unreleased, planned for late spring/early summer 2008