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Thread: Hyrule Online!

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    Default Hyrule Online!

    Game Name: Hyrule Online

    Game Description: Hyrule Online is a pretty unknown ORPG that needs more heroes! The vast lands of Hyrule needs your help! Raid Temple's and slay different mob's throughout the world of HYRULE. Homeland of princess Zelda! FOR FANS BY FANS! Download open beta now while its fresh! This is a COMPLETLY FREE GAME!

    Platforms: PC

    Genre: 2D MMORPG

    Status: Open Beta

    Website: http://www.thewannabees.se/zelda/

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    Nice, but I hate to reign on your parade. Nintendo has been know to make federal cases out of these types of MMORPG. I remember a while back there was another Zelda Mmorpg that was shutdown due to Nintendo's threats.

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