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Thread: mm should i play...

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    Default mm should i play...

    lol ok so heres the thing first, im playin domo right now but it gets borin pretty quick so i might go seal but fist a few questions lol cheers

    1) are jesters (bowmen) like over populated?
    2) good comunity?
    4)lol does krihz still play (btw if he duznt no its Knoll from FlyFF)
    5)do all players look the same man i hate that

    cheers all

    any aussies here?
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    1. Jesters are actually one of the most unique classes in the game, and no one plays them! I sear I've seen more craftsman.
    2. The community is very thoughtful and sweet.
    3. Haven't seen any.
    4. Though I lurk a lot, I don't know him.
    5. In the beginning you have the option to change your hair, but the face is limited. but as you play through the game the variety in armor in classes will make everyone look different.

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    I'm gonn ask the same question and i didn't want to make another thread
    Ok so gonna ask afew questions;
    Is the game populated ?
    In the begining where you pick your server are the channels full or close to max ?
    In the maintowns are there venders all over the place ?

    K thanks everyone answer asap, I want to start soon

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    1. are jesters over populated ?? no i wouldn't say it's over populated.. balanced numbers between classes except for warriors.. warriors are over populated..

    2. good community ?? it's okay.. the GMs are very active though.. they are very active in the forum and you also see them ingame quite often.

    3. bots/hackers ?? not much.. it was infested with script-kiddies at the beginning, but now not much since the GMs are actively monitoring activities ingame.

    4. don't know who he is.

    5. not really. lots of equipments to choose from.

    is the game populated ?? server 1 is populated. server 2 is not.

    In the begining where you pick your server are the channels full or close to max ? server 1 channel 1 is close to max, its the main channel for people to vend their shops and fish. server 1 channel 2 is half way, its the channel for hunting.

    In the maintowns are there venders all over the place ? i can only answer for server 1 cause i don't play at server 2. players vend their shops at town elim server 1 channel 1. u don't see any shops in any towns except elim. no one also vend shops in channel 2.

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