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Thread: More info about chars

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    Default More info about chars

    could anyone share som more info about the Chars in Seal?
    like what stats they should use and why?
    and who is stronger with magics or normal hits or who is faster to kill
    and etc.. tell why THAT char is your favorite char and so on :3

    im about to start seal but i dont know what class i should go for
    and i dont want to play to like lv 20 then find out that my char sux
    so could anyone help me out please?

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    no char is suck. i can tell u that.
    everyone has a chance to kill someone in a guild war.

    knights are all about the tanking and the mobbing. highest defense and HP in the game. strongest AoE skills. the stats are STR and AGI. no need for VIT. if u do want to add VIT, i suggest dont add more than 19.

    mages are all about the magic of course.. strongest in magic.. afterall they are mages. stats are INT and WIS ( WIS is optinal. u can go pure INT but u need to use costume sets and weapons )

    priests are all about the buff ( but they can kill too.. they can become battle Priests ). stats are INT and STR ( STR is optional, u can add STR if u wanna be a STR/battle priest . if ure planning to become a support priest then just add INT. u need to use costume sets and weapons )

    craftman are all about crafting. every guild need one. theyre pretty strong too. not sure about the stats. im not a pro at craftman.

    jester are all about fast killing. probably have the highest aspd of all classes. theyre like archer in other games except that jester in this game can go either STR or INT. INT jesters do take up alot of money and kinda slow in lvling compared to STR jester but they are very strong. stats can be either INT n AGI or STR n AGI. INT n AGI is called dart jester ( rely on dart.. thats why i said INT jester takes up alot of money ). STR n AGI is called combo jester

    warriors are the melee damage dealer. very good damage and high aspd. medium defense and HP. they rely on their combos and single target skills. they do have AoE skills but theyre worthless. the stats are STR and AGI.

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