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Thread: Help with combos!

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    Exclamation Help with combos!

    I just started and finding this game abit hard to pick up.
    Can people plz tell me abit bout warriors and combos.
    And maybe what skill warriors should get.

    Help is ergent.!!!!!
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    lvl 1 - lvl 9 -> learn martial art combo from NPC beggar. u can only use bare knuckle or newspaper or any weapons that can be use for all classes.

    lvl 10 and above -> learn specific class combo skill from the class skill NPC. if youre a warrior then you gonna learn at tower of training at lime.

    before you can do combos, you need to fill up the combo gauge first ( 3rd bar when u put ur mouse on ur char ) when the bar is blinking red, then u can start doing combos. just choose an enemy, before the weapon hits the enemy press A, S or D and keep doing that.

    warriors need to max out all the combo skill and concentration ( fills up the combo gauge faster ) they also need to learn the single target offensive skills. for the quick slash, let it stay at level 3, u dont need to max it. but after that u do need to max it. u also need to learn enrage, its an attack damage buff. do not learn the AoE skills... they are worthless.

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