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Thread: BETTER Archer/Hunter/Ranger skill guide

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    Cool BETTER Archer/Hunter/Ranger skill guide

    ok, ok i know i messed up in my first post but now ill give you the real guide

    Like i said before 4/5 in INT and 4/5 in LUK
    the STR and DEX doesnt matter
    STR needs to be 5 more than your lvl (in lvl 10 you need 15 STR)
    and all the rest on DEX

    And now the skill


    The Blessing of Amazon 3
    The Eye of Amazin 8
    Critical Shot 20
    Focus 9
    Arrow Blow 1
    Double Shot 20


    Bow Mastery 20
    Final Attack: Bow 30
    Bow Booster 20
    Power Knock-Back 0
    Soul Arrow : Bow 20
    Bomb Arrow 30


    Thrust 20
    Mortal Blow 20
    Puppet 20
    Ranger's Inferno 0
    Arrow Rain 30
    Silver Hawk 30
    Strafe 30

    You will get spare point i recommend rise Focus

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    ok you gaved us a build!
    BUT can you explain wats so good about this build
    Cous in my eye's IT RLY RLY S*CKS

    So gimme your view

    Back to Onrpg

    CJeeey > lvl 84 CB (Dead)
    yeeeJC> lvl 150 RANGER (very very very active)

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