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    Default Magicide Online

    Game Name: Magicide Online

    Game Description: The world is in danger! The go of all that is wrong with the world, Zoltan, is back and even stronger than before. He now has control over his race of Orcs. His two sisters, Zolma and Zagota, are not strong enough to destroy him a second time, and need your help! For one thousand years there has been a war going on between the good and the evil, Humans, and elves versus, Orcs. The Orcs are outnumbered but are still winning the war. The future of Magicide is in your hands. You can make it or break it. Choose your side, Human, Elf, or Orc, and fight for all that is good… or evil. Engrave your name in the history of Magicide, and remember “Even the faintest light shines in the dark.”


    Publisher: Magicide Studios

    Platforms: PC, MAC, Linux

    Genre: 2D/ Isometric Fantasy

    Status: In Development

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