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Thread: Worth the time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chengy View Post
    I dont need to pay and im lv 89 now >.<?
    I've been playing MU since a loong time ago, And I can still play? Someone answer that?
    because u are playing in maya or wigle(f2p servers) and in those server u dun need to pay. u only need to pay in vahalla server(p2p server) but only if your character lvl is 60+.

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    Wow i didn't know Webzen makes wigle f2p...And someone said there isn't any updates,can't believe its like a deja vu where last time many people were waiting for Atlans to come out then now if you really meant there isn't updates then omgosh Tarkan and Icarus didn't came out in wigle?

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