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    Default Guide to Last Stand 5

    BEFORE READING: throw away the attitude that LS is so 'ez' because it you just kill NPC. Even if you are winning LS, there is probably room for improvement. If you have lost more than 2 games today, this is something you NEED to read. (Chief Master Sergeants, don't even start to think you are pro.)

    There are only 2 reasons to play Last Stand 5.

    1) Level up weapons.

    2) Get money.

    Winners of CTF get around 1600 credit for 8 minutes of game play. While winners of LS5 get around 2500 credit for 12 minutes of gameplay. The least common interger is 24 minutes of gameplay, which is 3 CTF games and 2 LS games.

    3 * 1700 = 4800 credit
    2 * 2600 = 5000 credit

    So really, the only reason to choose LS5 over CTF for making money is because you are practically guaranteed a win.

    Am I right? SO STOP LOSING!

    It's weird that I can regularly WIN LS 5 with 4 people, but lose with a team of 8. (I know spawn rates are different) Most part of the problem is not that the players are ill-equipped, but that they don't know how to defend.

    Before I start, I would like to make a list of absolutely stupid things people do.

    1) "Defend" from the Roof
    YOU CAN NOT DEFEND FROM THE ROOF. Reasons: You WILL miss a lot. You are BARELY helping.

    The reason you will miss a lot is because the drones are all scattered like ants if you attack from the roof.
    And, even if you DO hit your target, you will have to re-aim to hit the same target. By that time, someone will have killed that target, and your shot is wasted. However, when you are on the ground, there are layers of drones. If you shoot in a general area, you'll most likely hit something. You don't even have to aim.

    Also, being on the ground with your team mates help the team. Because everyone is shooting in one direction, so the aerogate won't get sandwiched. Taking the occasional damage is not bad either. Think about it. If hypothetically, drones deal a total damage of 400% damage. Wouldn't you rather the drones took 50% from all 8 players, instead of killing 4 players(-1200 points)?

    2) Don't kill drones on the aerogate.

    Sometimes you might notice people say 'kill the drones on the aerogate first'. They are MAKING FUN of you. Such an obvious statement can only be said sarcastically.

    Anyway, on with my lesson.


    Acceptable weapons: Rockets, Rectifiers, Rifles. THAT'S IT. (note: I threw in rifles because I was playing with 2 people who used dual rifles. For some reason, it worked out. They were probably level 5 ranged.)

    Cannons are to be kicked unless you are playing LS4 Underground City.

    Never let some SMGs person trick you by saying he will "SAB hunt". You can let him try a round, and if your sabatoeur bonus is less than 12K, kick him out. It's the same deal with melee weapon people.

    Only part of armor that is worth mentioning for LS are the ARMS. You want to maximize how many shots you can shoot, or how quickly you can heal.
    Ballistika arms have high max heat.
    Davenstar arms have high cooldown rate.
    Buy one of these two.

    Buy a fatal cry or two. Don't be cheap. You will get a lot more kills if you use skills.

    Now, with proper equipment, you can finally play LS. You'd probably be kicked if you didn't have proper equipment anyway.

    Defending Gates
    This portion SHOULD be titled 'Playing Smart', which most players have trouble doing.

    Most important thing is probably to SIGNAL SIGNAL SIGNAL. CTRL+2 CTRL+2 CTRL+2. Most pros will probably know where the attack it at, but sometimes the spawns are delayed and even pros get tricked.

    I have made screenshots of the positions everyone should be guarding in LS 5. I know everyone just wants to Kill Steal. So they will stand "in the middle". Serious LSers don't do 'middles', that's for noobs who are greedy for kills, and are trying to get out of last place.

    Further explanations in pics.

    On the K-Mobile pillar.

    Aerogate 2
    In the corner down the street from Aerogate 2.

    Aerogate 3
    On the roof above Aerogate 3.

    Aerogate 4
    In the corner down the street from Aerogate 4.

    Aerogate 5
    On the healpad of Aerogate 5.

    Just ask someone else to do it. Seriously. There is bound to be someone in your game who does it well. Or tell the Saboteur hunters to do it.
    Also, to anyone who wants to do outpost. Dying more 2 times when trying outpost is just dumb. People do the outpost for 2000 points, if you die twice, the net bonus will only be 1400 points.

    Bonus Section: How to KS in LS5.

    The best part of KSing in LS is that if anyone whines at you, people will think he has bad sportmanship.

    General Info
    Killing 1 drone requires:
    3 shots from Blitz or Death Hurler
    2 shots from Death Hurler + 1 Fatal Cry
    2 shots from any rocket + 1 Devil Slug
    4 Fatal cry

    Knowing this, pay attention in game.
    When I see people shooting at one target, I wait for 2 shots to be fired. Then I shoot my shot, and I KS them. Or if you are next to only ONE person, you should shoot first. Let him shoot the second shot, and then you shoot the third shot-- KSing him.

    If there is only one drone, like a Sabotoeur, you can guarantee your kill by doing [shot-devil slug-shot]. If the drones is already weakened, it will die at "Devil Slug". However, if it is at full life, you can finish it off with another shot. It is hard for other people to get an accurate timing of when you finish your skill.

    KS tip: NEVER skill when your weapon just overheated. You need to pick up your kill after you skill. If you have to change weapons, you will get KSed.

    Where to KS
    If you want to KS other people, you have to play smart. The positions I will show you will NOT help you defend WHATSOEVER, it will only give you a much higher kill rate. Perfect for outkilling people who you hate. If you see people at these positions, they are probably trying to get 1st place really badly.

    The general idea behind KSing positions is that you kill a whole spawn that people usually do not defend, then you make your way back to the aerogate and pick off the weakened drones. Also, the position must also be convient so that you can also kill base-attacking drones if the aerogate wasn't being attacked.

    Aerogate 3 KS point

    Aerogate 4 KS point

    Yeah. Same picture. That area is too convient.

    Aerogate 5 KS point

    Random Tips:
    -Use your heal when you are at 700 HP, just to be safe.
    -2 rockets is a wise choice.
    -Don't play with anything under staff sergeant.
    -Use skills.
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    very good guild

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    sticky this guide lol

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