What is this thread and how to use it:
1. By "perishables" I actually mean things you're going to use up, in large amounts. Things that are always in demand, and the only problem is the seller and the buyer don't know each other.
These include:
-exchange quest items, quest items
-ores, forging manuals and stimulators
-commonly used equipment. Eg. sauna robes, capes.
-throwing stars?
-perhaps others

2. If you need some goods in significant amounts post a request in this thread.
By 'significant amount' I mean
-more than 500 exchange quest items (Prefferably thousands. Many thousands)
-enough quest items to complete the quest.
-two or more scrolls, refined metal/jevel/crystal, manual or stimulator. (Prefferably more than 5)
-three or more pieces of equipment. Only use this thread for equips if you mean to buy many, try scrolling many, and are prepared to lose many. Also, with rare/expensive items you're probably better off separately buying each one.

Your request should look more or less like this:
IGN(or IGNs) wants to buy many [item name] at [price] per piece.
Include IGNs of the character[s] you play most frequently. Perhaps mention the time/timezone you play in.

For example:
BlueWarrior wants to buy Food at 1000 meso per piece. I play GMT 16-20 (PST 24-4)
Naruto666 wants to buy 10% scrolls for OverallDEX, at 500k per scroll. I need about 20.

3. When you no longer need the items, edit your post to remove the request.

4. If you want to sell some goods, browse through the thread and find the best offers, and then contact the buyers in game.

5. If this works, I'll edit the first post to include the list of best offers.

6. No sell offers in this thread. Buy only!
(Sell offers would just clutter everything, we all have tons of different scrolls we want to get rid of.)

7. Post offers in this thread when:
- you want to scroll a godly [something] and need lots of scrolls.
- you want to create an above average item with stimulators.
- you want to level up a char with exchange quest.

8. Read offers in this thread when you want to sell some items you KNOW some people want to buy, and you just don't know WHICH people.

9. Scania only. D'oh.