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    Default Money Problems

    Anyone know anyway to get a good amount of money *like rake up lots of money fast* because i've been POOR since i started the dang game and i NEED money. People on here want like 600k for stuff and THERE IS NO WAY i have that much, i have 97 gold, thats how bad it is. How the heck do they expect anyone to pay 600k!!!! please tell me any way to get lots of money.


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    600K is most likely a cash shop item, probably one of the better pets.

    There is NO "make money fast", in any game. Because if there were such a scheme, everyone would use it (what makes you think you'll be the only one knowing it?), and prices would simply rise until the "600K" item you're talking about is worth lots of money again.

    Basically, you don't need to buy anything. Or almost nothing; I'm currently using mules to get the other alchemy materials (my main char only levels one collection skill for the time being, plus alchemy), so I'm entirely self-supplying. Other than that, materials aren't that expensive; stuff from low level monsters often sells for 40-70 gold to NPCs, so a few hundred gold for a few materials aren't a problem. Until at least lvl 36 monsters, stuff doesn't really fetch that much more money; haven't done anything beyond that yet.

    And that's assuming you're going the alchemy path; I'm not checking out prices for NPC gear, but I assume you should be getting enough money for that too if you don't waste it. And check player shops (after checking out the NPC prices, of course; and don't forget to take a look at durability if you know what repairs cost (I don't; lvl 32 on the highest job and never had to repair anything yet)).

    You can also get a few K "overnight"; I was surprised how fast a stack of grade 1 (!!!) material sells for something like 170g if you have a bit of luck. That's Gametribe, though; don't know about Aeria.
    One day I put up a stack of 50 applewood for 170g, and something like 10 minutes later somebody had bought the whole stack...

    Don't waste playtime collecting items and selling; do it when you're AFK (sleeping, working).

    Domo doesn't easily throw around millions of gold; that's why even cash shop items sell for "K", not "M". Some of them seem to be rather cheap, though...

    You have to build up some cash supply slowly. Watch your income and expenses, and if you seem to spend more than you get, try to figure out why and stop it. You do NOT have to buy vitamin pills. You do NOT have to buy alchemy monster drops from players (it seems that monsters don't care what level you are, they will always drop stuff. So you can always get their drops) or the NPC.

    And most certainly, you do NOT need a pet to get started. For me, this is something I'll try to get at some point, but not now. Same for other cash shop stuff.
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    I'm Rich...Simply do quests..The higher the lvl,the more stuff you get from to toughies,the more cash you make XP


    Lvl then farm....
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