Just a friendly warning to all VCO players.

The VCO forums have stopped being used by the majority because of a problems with IGG's security. Apparently quite a few people have had accounts hacked and have lost them through the forums.

So BE CAREFUL, many guilds have made their own forums so they don't have to deal with the problem, these also have quest guides and such. If you have a quest problem, I have a web forum to help you, I'm just starting it but I know it will be useful. Go to http://theorder.guildlaunch.com and sign up to use our forums (this will give you community access). and feel free to post a request in the forums.

Also be wary of the moderators, I had 2.5 years worth of posting wiped away simply because a moderator wanted to settle an in game dispute and get back at me. Watch yourselves, IGG wont help, I've tried since Alpha testing.