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    Default Mech-Era Online

    Game name:Mech-Era Online ( )

    Game Description: Mech-Era online is a futuristic Online MMORPG. Level up your characters, gain new body parts to increase your offense or defense, join clans or make your own and try to become the best and hold your place. Play with people around the world in a new futuristic online game designed to let you enjoy playing instead of stressing out all the time.


    Publisher: Soganatsu Studios ( )

    Platforms: PC, Windows XP

    Genre: Full 3D, Scifi, Futuristic

    Status: Release Date not yet specified

    Forum Link: Forums ( )

    Story: In time there was a great struggle between man and reality.

    Man was so scared of his reality that he took it to a new level, a level where he could live on forever. As time went on the humans practiced and experimented on combining the soul with machine. Bringing a new way of life to the humans, a life that has no end. In the beginning this seemed like a great gift given to the human race.

    Every human saw this as a miracle and soon converted into a mechanoid that would continue their life in the age of the Mech Era. They living on forever, to never die, to be more powerful and to have no limits of the body, but in the end they could not create another soul, children were born in labs made with electrical circuits and wires. Made to look real and seem real, but they had no soul and in the end could not function.

    The human race realizing their mistake grew into a panoramic fight. Becoming what they were, the knowledge of mankind was soon to fade away, to be forgotten through the ages of time. The fear of being forgotten consumed the human bots and they formed clans to gain the upper hand. To be remembered was the goal of these clans, your goal is to become the best, to be part of the best, to fight till the end. Going through a massive storyline of missions, training your character to fight in battles to be the best and show who is to be remembered.
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