Game Name: Macro Metropolis

Game Description: MacroMetro is a new online business simulator from the studios of Elliott James Software, a new, up-and-coming, online software developer.

The game will simulate the peaks and troughs of the business world, pitting your wits against the world as players fight for the best land, compete for the best cust****s and, most importantly, make the most money in the process.

The game will cover a multitude of industries, including mining, construction, research, manufacturing, retail and the service industry. All your cust****s will be other players. Your main suppliers will be other players.

Develop the skills of your avatar to give your company the competative edge. Research new technologies to streamline your operations and boost your profit margins.

This will be one not to miss. At least I think so... but then I am the chief designer!

Watch the progress at

Publisher: Elliott James Software

Platforms: Internet Explorer

Genre: Business Simulator

Status: In Development