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Thread: How can i unlock Lime Charracter ?

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    Default How can i unlock Lime Charracter ?

    Ok so im currently playing the JP version and i saw a player with a lvl 12 lime , i asked him how did he get it but he talked in japanese so i didnt understand a thing, so now i want to know how could i unlock him cus he looks funny and i also want to se how good he can fight.

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    I think its in stage 4-2 or 4-5, theres a blocked off passage to the bottom right of the screen, open that up, go down, and you'll find lime. You need 50 deadly deadly jelly (?), from 4-2, then you go back to where lime is.

    I got that from a lunia fansite.

    And he isn't released on the 12foottall version (english) yet.

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