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Thread: 3D's Complete Artillery Foema Guide!

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    Level: 1-35
    Location: Training Camp in Armia Town (2112, 2040)
    Experience: 126-200+ experience, depending on your level from level 1-35(x2 with experience chest)
    Monster: WarBoars, Eagles, Gremlins, Crills and Serpents
    Item Hunt: A class armors (High Option)

    You will spawn here as you enter the Game. Training Camp is the best place for novice to start. Donít forget to talk to each NPC guard of every gate in Training Camp. They will give you rewards. First NPC Guard will give you 100 Health Potion 20 pieces. Second NPC Guard will change the option of your noob weapon and Third NPC Guard will upgrade your noob armors randomly and give you Grade A replition stones.

    Level: 35-40
    Location: Entrance Gate of Erion Town (2485, 2012)
    Experience: 200+ - 500+ exp (x2 with exp chest
    Monster: Half-Orc and Troll
    Item Hunt: Silk, Emerald and Crimson Armors (low option)

    Your purpose here is to get to level 45. What items you get here, you sell and save gold. Keep rare items such as, Fate of Sky Dragon, Sapphire, Purifying Stone and Dragon Spheres. Your next gear hunting is Elven or Feather Armor set with same options. If you manage to get Elven or Feather with 8% minimum Magic Attack Power then keep it too and one other important thing. Keep any foema armors that give + stat options! Especially strength as you will use it for cheat stat. Your next Spell Should be Ice Spear. Get it before you do next step below.

    Level: 45-101
    Location: Armia Field in Armia (2588, 2098)
    Experience: 235-394exp at level 45, 70-100exp at level 97
    Monster: Mutant Troll and Troll Magician
    Item Hunt: Crimson and Elven Armors (medium option)

    If you hunt and level by yourself then choose Mutant Troll but if you are with a party choose Troll Magician. Here you can hunt good option Elven Armor. Since you have low defense I prefer you go with a party. Many will want you to be in there party because of your high damage capabilities. As you gain in level, aside from your Thunderbolt and Ice Spear, get this skill in sequence, Blizzard, Wind Walk and Athenaís Blessing. Since you are with a party, getting items would be hard for you because it would be first get to own the item. Just save money because the best way to get what you need is by buying or trading other players. And yes, before proceeding to the next page, you can do the Conquering Orc Castle quest and Defending Mystery Land quest when you get to level 100. That is the appropriate level for an Artillery Foema to do those quest or else you will not succeed in the quest or will have a hard time.

    Level: 101-145
    Location: Azran Field in Azran Village (2224, 1565)
    Experience: 150-250 exp
    Monster: Dreaded Taurus and Cyclops
    Item Hunt: Feather Armors (high option)

    Now itís time to hunt for Feather Armors in Preparation for Brutal Monster. You must have a party to hunt and level here. Otherwise you stay at Mutant Troll until you get to level 140 but you have to buy the Feather Armor with minimum 20 Defense and 10% MAP. Your next aim is to get Titanís Blessing and a complete Feather set with the option you have with your Silk. And use Fate to +9 your Phoenix Wand, donít worry; it has low chance to fail. Use God Fate to have higher chance of success. But in any case if it failed, buy a Holy Scepter with good MAP options, at least minimum of 60% MAP with Skill Mastery Increase Option.

    Level: 145-220
    Location: Azran Field in Azran Village (1844, 1727)
    Experience: 450-550 exp
    Monster: Brutal Cyclops
    Item Hunt: Dryad and Myseria Armors and Venus Pendant (Medium option for Dryad, Low for Myseria, rare for venus pendant)

    The feather set should be enough to sustain you for the brutal monster. Now, as you level and hunt here, in preparation for you final armor, you have to choose between myseria set and dryad set. I choose dryad because it is easier to find the option you need than in myseria. Although myseria has good defense but your build, as an artillery foema, you need more damage than your defense. Dryad defense should be sufficient for you for any enemies you will encounter. Another thing to consider at this point is your accessories. It helps a lot if you have accessories. Try to buy or trade this from merchant players in the game. Immortal Light Element, Diamond Necklace with minimum magic attack power of 8% and Venus Pendant as well. Another miscellaneous is Roasted Chicken and Odin Power. Although this two are use only on PK since it is expensive, it helps a lot if you have this when leveling. Another item is the Blue Fairy which will give you 16% more experience and 32% drop rate of items. Use the Fates you get from monster drops to upgrade your equips and sell other items you donít need to save money so you can buy the armor you need which you can not get in hunt. When you get to level 220, do the Path to Knight Hood quest to have your cape. Also, donít forget to get your skills, in sequence, Fire Bird, Magic Shield and Poison Mist.

    Level: 220-255
    Location: Underworld in Azran Field, Azran Village (1248, 4030)
    Experience: 615-635exp
    Monster: Water Elemental
    Item Hunt: Water Scroll (N), Elven (Le), Dryad Armors (High option Dryad)

    By now, you should have Dryad Set Armor or Myseria Set Armor. Now you hunt for Water Scroll (N) to gain more experience by doing the Water Scroll with a booster and later get the fates by killing the boss on the water scroll.

    Level: 255-256
    Location: Noatun, PK Zone (1148, 1698)
    Experience: 800exp
    Monster: Taron
    Item Hunt: Cromlea and Dryad (Le) (med option)

    You need 1 more level to become 256 and get a Symbol on your Cape which gives times 2 of what the option of your cape gives. Sell the cromleaís and hope to get a good option Dryan (Le) for you armor. Upgrade all your armors including your cape to +9. Note, have extra same option of armor before upgrading to +7, incase it will failed and disappear, you still have armor. Prepare 100 million Gold for you last Skill and after that you can go to kefra dungeon to hunt for a horse or unicorn.

    Level: 256 and above
    Location: Noatun, PK Zone, Kefra Dungeon (1314, 1903)
    Experience: ???
    Monster: ???
    Item Hunt: Horse and Unicorn


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    shitty guide > j/k , nice guide ddd xD
    Btw ,i wonder how old is this guide, cuz Fate of Sky Dragon is from sd hehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by artojas View Post
    shitty guide > j/k , nice guide ddd xD
    Btw ,i wonder how old is this guide, cuz Fate of Sky Dragon is from sd hehe
    wakakaka! so you've notice! xD xD xD

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    Very good guide, you're very helpful when it comes to WYD

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    Default Wow....are you a GM of WYD hehehehe^w^

    Well done, you're tempting me to create a foema...>-<


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