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Thread: Blood Foema guide by Ploughman

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    Default Blood Foema guide by Ploughman

    White mastery foema guide

    1.Character overview
    2.Stat builds for mortal
    3.Skills info and builds
    4.Leveling information
    5.Equipment info
    6.Stat builds for god character
    7.Misc. tips

    1.Character overview

    So, white mastery build for foema (this kind of foema is mostly called blood foema) is used for supporting party members or
    your other character with powerful heals and some buffs (at later levels). Blood foema is mostly used as 2nd or 3rd character
    for healing your main at higher level zones, but if you wish to level up as 1st be prepared to spend lot of gold/wcoins ,
    because you can't hunt very effectively , that means you can't farm tarons or something like that.

    2.Stat builds for mortal

    Strength - enough for d grade armors, don't add any if you can level it up till E grade armors and weapons.
    Dexterity - depends on taste, dex makes your avoid rate bigger, i would choose 500.
    Intelligence - for d grade equipment or enough for non-stop healing, i suggest ~200.
    Constitution - everything that is left, con is stat that makes you tough character.

    3.Skills info and builds

    Skill masteries would be:
    White mastery 1st
    Special mastery 2nd
    Weapon mastery or black mastery as 3rd
    Comments: i don't see point in taking black mastery as 3rd, but with weapon you can solo lower lvl mobs if it's your 1st char

    Now about skill builds:

    1) Blood foema as your 1st char:
    Take atk and def buffs as soon as possible, after those take heal , recovery and other white mastery skills.
    2) Blood foema as supporting char (2nd or 3rd):
    Take heal, recovery, then buffs, then all white mastery skills.
    Note: cancellation is very good spell, it's up to you which one skill you will take.

    4.Leveling information

    Not many choices, in wyd a lot of people have their own blood foema, so you should stay at waters and if you can farm lower
    level monsters. If this isn't your 1st char then stay healing your 1st character and do waters, if you can afford ofc xD

    5.Equipment info

    Weapons - with high skill mastery, at lower levels you can use 2 weapons with 30 sm, later i suggest leave 1 of those and
    put on shield.
    Helmets - hp and def bonus, more - better, this equip is useful only if you will leave your blood foema at mortal stage.
    Gloves - 36 resistance, if you can't get any then stay with 30 def.
    Boots - defense and skill mastery if you need.
    Pants - as much defense as you can get.
    Breastplate - same as pants.
    Amulet - hp
    Ring/Bracelet - hp
    And 2 absorb damage stones.

    Also god cape, white parade horse and crown is recommended xD , that would make your resistance veeery high.

    6.Stat builds for god character

    Strength - as low as you can, use low level weapons with sm and E grade armors.
    Dexterity - 500 dex, i don't see why you should keep it lower.
    Intelligence - ~150-200 for some mp.
    Constitution - everything else, you need lot of hp xD

    7.Misc. tips

    1.Don't level up blood foema as first character if you don't have guild , it's masochism.
    2.At lower level you can use damage armors instead of defense (if you need soloing).

    8.Questions and Answers
    Waiting for some...

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    Default Nice..thanks

    ^-^ Thanks for the guide list.^w^

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