Making 1st set and skull bow/froggy sword/orc staff +6

1)Create character ant go to training ground.
2)Kill 1st boss and go deeper (talking with trainer is optional)
3)Kill 2nd boss and go deeper (don't speak with trainer, it will change your weapon stats)
4)Kill 3rd boss and speak with trainer, you will get some replictions A and some armors will be upgraded.
If you have froggy sword/skull bow/orc staff it will be upgrade to +6 too, just be careful and don't change it's opt on
2nd trainer.
5)Put replictions on armors.
6)Put armors to cargo, delete character and create new.
7)Put old equipment on new char and repeat everything from step 1, your armors will be enchanted more.
8)Do this till every part of set will be +6.