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Thread: [Guide] ODBC setup

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    Default [Guide] ODBC setup

    ODBC Setup

    Your MSQL Server should be running first.

    Setting ODBC:

    Click Start Menu -> open Control Panel -> open Administrative Tools -> open Data Sources (ODBC)

    Follow this:

    On your OBDC Window Click ADD

    On your MS SQL Server DSN Configuration

    On your Create New Data Resources
    - Scroll Down and Click SQL Native Client
    - Click Finish

    Name: RanGame1
    Description : (anything)
    Server: (name of your Server ex. STATION2\SQLEXPRESS)

    How should SQL Verify....
    - Select With SQL Server authentication

    You Login ID: sa
    Your Pass: 1234
    - Click Next

    Check Change the Default database to
    - Select RanGame1
    - Click Next

    Test Data Source
    - Click Finish
    Just repeat the Process for:


    SQL Manager: GM Account Setup

    But first.. delete GMCharEdit.cfg

    Run your GMCharEdit.exe

    First field : RanUser
    Second field : sa
    Third field : 1234
    Fourth field : 1234

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    anybody know what's this for ? *curious*

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