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Thread: Age of Armor New Version, New Challenge

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    Default Age of Armor New Version, New Challenge

    Age of Armor Comes to its Brand New Version after the Second Chapter, New Events New Items now waiting for the warriors who want to conquer the Universe!

    First Event, to make more and more new friends level up faster, The exp of the whole server is doubled, and so as the drop rate.

    Second Event, Drill Master System, when a new friend come in to the game, he(she) can find himself (herself) a drill master of level 31+ players. And when the apprentice get level up, the master will get exp and honor as rewards.

    Third event is the Death Match Re-activated. Everyone gets the chance to be the king of the Warriors.

    Forth Event, The City Siege War on Battle Planet, the Power of Conquer, The will of Destroy, the Legendary history of war, it is your men to set up!

    Fifth Event, The Special Transforming Module On Sale, the Price of those Special Transforming Module’s price is 50% cut off, any one can get them with the only half points of the original price, and these Modules only can be available in ONE week.

    Free Exciting Conquer the ability of transforming in Age of Armor!

    Age of Armor Team

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    hmm seems pretty interesting...honestly i iddnt like the game that much but double xp means fun grind to me....ill most likely redownload it again.......and how did you get thet cool title...i want my own custom title!

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    You doubled the EXP rates, again? The game was so non-grindy already, AGH, plus the game's like... empty.


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