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Thread: im a sprite, what should i put points into?????????????????????????????????????

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    Default im a sprite, what should i put points into?????????????????????????????????????

    pretty much so covered it in the title, yeah.

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    They did away with race differences. So it doesn't matter what race you are. I'm assuming your in the civilian class. So put the stats for how you want to play. You get stat reset up til lvl 15, so focus on atk power, defense and a little accuracy so you can level up fast and get to the other job classes. The civilian job is special because you don't really have atk skills, you need to level up your other jobs and attach them on, so your stats will also need to reflect what jobs you plan on using to level up your civilian.

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    I wouldn't worry about levelling the citizen job early on, so just stay below 15 for the free stat reset.

    The problem with getting attack skills from other classes is that these usually require the appropiate weapon, and you can't equip these unless you also have the "equip sword" (or whatever weapon we are talking about) skill --- which is a lvl 30 skill and costs 15 skillpoints on the class that provides it. For example, I'm not planning to get "equip wand" from my Shaman, even though it would be very useful to level other magic classes such as the Doctor. But 15 skillpoints can be very useful elsewhere...

    And no, a "Beginners Wand", for example, does not count as wand --- you can't use it for spellcasting.

    So, with citizen skillpoints, limit yourself to lets say one collection path and alchemy, and do the other items with mule chars. There's a few citizen springs available from quests so you can get more skillpoints without having to level the class.
    [ NB: I hope you didn't waste the skillpoints you got so far... these can't be reset, no matter what the reset NPC says ]

    That way, you don't really need a high level citizen.

    As an example, I consider my main char to be a Shaman, so I raised Apex of Alchemy to be generally able to create items, and Heightened Herding because Shamans use Robes and Robes are created with Herding items. If I find that I have sufficient skillpoints (good chance for that) I might also raise Meditation, since that provides material for weapons and would make my Shaman entirely self-supplying.
    But so far, I'm still in the Alchemy/Herding phase only --- better safe than sorry. And they WILL raise the required skill levels in the future, when they add new character levels and higher level items along with these.
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