Game Name: Ultimate Mobster Challenge

Game Description:

In The Ultimate Mobster Challenge you are a no good lowlife that wants to get up in the world by becoming a mobster.

You start out as a Babbo, a "useless underling" in the mafia world.
You can't steal a car without getting caught or even rob a store or a person, without the police busting your ass.
But don't give up! if you'll keep trying, you'll bocome better in doing crimes and you might soon have your very own mobster family with members troughout the world!

In this game you can steal cars, race cars, rob stores, rob people and even work together in robbing the city bank or even the police warehouses.
And oufcourse you will have to kill everyone that stands in your way from becoming the biggest crime lord in the game.

This game is different from other games because it is updated very often (without interferense for the user) and very often new content is added.

Publisher: Massuc crew

Platforms: PC, MAC

Genre: Text based

Status: Beta