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Thread: Graphical Update "Runescape 3" if you want to call it that

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    actually, i think it would be a very good idea (from their point of view) to make more money, i mean, look at it this way, if you make everything way better you have a good chance of getting more members to join up. but the update will be for everyone. they are only changing the graphics not the game like from rsc to now, so there wont be a server for people who like the old way.
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    Default im not sure if updating graphic good ideal

    look at it from my point of view if jagex should update anything it should be there small servers don't know about you but i see worlds crashing every otherday and lag so bad that it kicks you some time and that's with broadband internet 100mbps only could imagin what will happen after the updates for example first day summoning first came out u couldnt play rs for like a week sense it laged so bad it acturally kicked you the graphics would be cool but i really think it pointless with low tech servers like they got now
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    Actually, the servers now seem fine to me, the only time I ever experienced extreme lag was when the last christmas update came arround. The snow made everything go really slow so the small servers where the best.

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