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    Default Archer Guide

    Well guess what... i am back..What i did those months was working and working.Now i have vacation so i get back to rakion for a little time.

    Anyways let's start with the Guide for the Archer.

    2.Why Archer
    3.Basics of Archer

    Well this is one of my new faves since its good at range and suprisingly also at melee.U just need to know how to use it properly.Well since i already made a Ninja and Mage guide why not Archer too?Might make Warrior and BS later.So let's get started with this guide.

    2.Why Archer
    Well why archer u ask?Well cause if used correctly u can pretty hard own in
    1vs1 suprisingly and if stalked i got a pretty nate trick for the newbs (posted in technique section).Archer are known to attack from afar and thus so have not great move speed but since that's essential in Rakion u gotta need it anyway.

    3.Basics of Archer
    Well they are pretty much basic to every character in Rakion but its handy to post anyway:
    1 Hit swing:1 L-Click
    2 Hits swing: Twice L-click
    Special attack: Hold R mouse button for a while , then release
    Jump : Press space bar (simply right?)
    Side/Back-For Wards jump: Have a direction choosed like left press A and spacebar.
    Jump attack: Jump and use the L-click once u can add an direction if u want
    Forward Thrust:W+W+L-click usefull if u need a bit more space for a melee attack
    Defend:Hold shift
    Grip:When close to the enemy use L and R click at the same time
    Spin attack: Use L and R click at the same time
    Weapon switch: Q
    Shoot arrow: When weapon switched to bow hold L click a little time then release.

    Well i don't got much builds but they are builds anyway so deal with it.

    Range Archer:
    This archer specifies his attacks from afar. U can use it to KS(KillSteal).
    First 50 Range
    Then 50 Move
    After 50 Life
    Then decide urself.

    1 vs 1 Archer:
    This Type of build is used for Stay Up games wich are pretty populair these days.I recommend btw to be lv21+ or else u get raped easily (can i say that?)
    70+ move speed(essential at every character and aspect)
    20-30 atk speed
    50-100 Range
    25+ special
    25+ life
    Now u can decide urself.

    Stage/GollemKiller Archer:
    This Archer is concentrated for killing Cells/Summons.Very well used for leveling fast but not as effectivly for pvp at first.
    50-70 move speed
    50+CD (this is already pretty huge damage)
    50+ Range
    25-50 Cp(only if u wanna use Cells/Summons)
    25+ life and armour
    Now decide urself(kinda habitat lol :P)

    Stalker archer:
    This archer is anoying aswell as affective his tactic is like Hit and Run.
    100 Move speed (GET THIS)
    100 Range ( A MUST)
    25+ Special OR Basic
    25-35 grip
    30+ Life and Armour
    Now Decide urself :P

    Equipment Part.(Non-PU and Non-cash users items)
    Lv1-10 Pretty much only use things that increase Range since ya gonna need that most at this lv

    Head:Not really helpfull at this point.
    Body:Advance lv 15
    Shoulder:Advance lv 11
    Bracer:Not really needed but if you got enough gold use advance lv 11
    Secundary weapon(Sword):Not really helpfull ATM
    Main weapon(bow):Use advance lv 16

    Head:Bone lv 25
    Body:Knight lv 21
    Shoulder:Knight lv 21
    Bracer:Waclock lv 25(i thought it was for non-Pu and such)
    Secundary weapon(Sword):Not really needed atm
    Main weapon(bow):Use bone lv 25 but this might also be Knight ur choice here

    Head:Use runet lv40 or still use bone
    Body:Use the same Knight lv21
    Shoulder:U can use the runet lv40 for a bit more atk spd but imo use knight.
    Bracer:Use Waclock still
    Secundary weapon(Sword): Not really usefull atm unless u have cash
    Main weapon(bow):Use the same Bow as lv21-30 (the lv25 bow)

    Lv41+ well i think u can pretty much decide urself now and understand rakion well enough.

    Well as i mentioned in the 2. section i said i post a trick for if being followed/stalked .But we got more...

    First Technique:
    When being followed or stalked alot use f4 trust me..use it.
    Now run away from the enemy guess what u can look back and run at the same time using S and at aiming.Thats not all if u have ur bow equiped (handy of course), aim at the player and while still walking away from it and then click L button until ur archer is turned face to face to the player then u already can release and shoot an arrow now he gonna zigzag from path.
    Now predict where he is gonna walk and aim for that spot repeat untill he is dead.

    Second Technique:
    This technique is most usefull for 1 vs 1 games.Called Fake shot (requires practise tho), and the funny thing is that i triggers a bug sometimes.So fake ur shot once repeat that and bang shoot!Most ussefull when walking in circles they getting confused mostly.

    Well it's actually not really a technique but usefull it is. When ur enemy is at an distance shoot twice fast then run more side/back ways and shoot twice again rapidly they won't expect the first and/or second time but combined with fake shot it pretty owns.And if they zigzag ,mostly aim to the left cause most Rakion characters are right anded so...get the picture?

    Stay still wait for the enemt to come towards ,when close use jump attack back or forth .These are nasty attacks from archer ,play around with it untill
    u get the twist with it, like fake the special when they are waiting ,then jump attack forth..These type of archers also own pretty quick.

    U might dicover ur own technique feel free to share or use it by urself.

    Well this Archers Chaos is dangerous at short and far distance.Although it only uses a bow u can end a battle in just a few secs vs a lv40+ warrior (no joke :O )

    Well first the basics:
    1 shot: Hold the L button for a very short time and realease the player will get a bounce back for liek 5-10 mtrs (very handy to get a fast rapid fire)
    Spin: L and R button at the same time spins around with less delay as normal and stuns the opponent if in close range.
    5 Arrow shot: Hold R click a time then release ..This is why archer chaos is so dangerous if a enemy is up close use it and if all 5 arrows hit the enemy he sure is for 90% dead.
    Jump attack: Just use space bar with an L-click adding a direction is possible.
    Defend: Simply shift..
    Jump: As usual spacebar ^^

    Now as for being in chaos i've got a little but to share..
    When a enemy with low move speed is coming at u use ur 5 arrow shoot to suprise him with dead .

    If there are like 2-3 people stalking/following u can use the f4 trick since u have very low delay u can easily hit them rapid with ur bow.
    Well that's all for chaos btw u can KS a bit easier since in chaos ur arrows hurt a lot more.

    Q:If i add attack speed will i be shooting arrows faster?
    A: This has been a very discussed subject cause most of em weren't sure of it ,but it turned out it was not.So i repeat adding attack speed does NOT increase the rate of shooting arrows faster!

    Q: HELP , i need money fast im almost at the next level and got not much gold!
    A: Well there is a way to do get easy money while not getting much exp.
    It's Boss war concentrate on killing the boss u wont get much kills either so less exp but enough gold.
    Altho the easiest way to Lvl AND get gold at the same time is doing stages or GollemGames.

    Q:How do i put the so called statpoints onto my character?
    A: After u selected the character u go to the 'lobby' and at the bottom there is a button with inventory/shop. go there and u can add stat points to ur character , as well as u can buy the rest like armour and Cells.

    Well That's it People hoped u liked my Third Guide for Rakion.And if it was helpfull.
    If u got any Questions i will add to my FAQ and answer them ASAP.Do not hesitate to ask or add me if u need help :
    IGN: soad7

    Don't Leech pls ,ask permission and i see if u may use this guide on a other sure if u do so Credit me...

    Greetz sly.

    Copyright 2008-2009 slyfer4441
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    Default ...

    Really theres 3 types of archer.

    Range archer: (My level 69 one)
    Range: 100/100
    Move: 100/100
    Armor: 80/100
    Energy: 80/100

    All move speed gear and high enchants = best 1v1 archer.

    Golem archer: (Has strongest character spec)
    Special: 80/100
    Cell Destruction: 50/100
    Move: 50/100
    Armor: 50/100
    Energy: 50/100

    Stun gripping archer:
    Move: 80/100
    Attack Speed: 50/100
    Basic: 50/100
    Grip: 50/100
    Armor: 50/100
    Energy: 50/100

    Also pumping attack speed reduces delay of range, does not increase special hit count either ive tested up to 50/100 not to sure after that if it does.

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