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Thread: New to Fiesta

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    Smile New to Fiesta

    Hello all,
    I'm new to this game, any help or hints would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    You can level a lot faster by just straight grinding than doing quests, but personally, I find doing quests a lot more fun, even if I don't level quite so fast.

    Save your HP and SP stones for later, you'll need them!

    It's also a good idea to buy EXP Boost Card from the Fiesta Store ( - it'll make leveling way faster.

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    Also, I find it easier to go to level 5 and then do a Kingdom Quest, it will take you directly to level 9, then from level nine to level 11/12 (I can't remember, I am lvl 21, so it was a long time ago) then from there on it only takes you up 1 more level and then into fractions. So after that try to calculate your gained experience and then add that with the experience you get in the Kingdom Quest and you are able to obtain an easy level. You can also get green titled items in the Kingdom Quests too, which are very rare. I think in my entire time of doing Kingdom Quests, I have only gotten 3. Also, the other items you get in the Kingdom Quests also vary depending on your level. The computer knows your level and usually gives you an item based on your class that you would wield next in the chain (level 1, level 8/9 (?), level 15). So say that you are a level 10 fighter, you are wielding a longsword and you do a Kingdom Quest, when you are finished you open the box and you have a high chance of getting a +1,2,3,4,5 broadsword, or a green titled item, or if you are lucky, enchanted/blessed elrue/lix (lix if you are VERY lucky). Higher level Kingdom Quests give higher rewards, for example, Gold Hill Adventure always gives you a blessed elrue tier 2 and another item which varies.

    Have a good time playing fiesta!
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