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Thread: 12foottall , Question About Lunia

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    Default 12foottall , Question About Lunia

    well pretty much I had a character in lunia. I decided to go back a month later after it moved to 12foottall.. and my character got deleted. I was wondering If you make a character in 12foottall, and they final finish Lunia (make it complete) would they wipe out characters like they did when it moved?

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    No!!! FINALLY they are out of gamengame so you are dealing with a real game company.

    Unless it gets shutdown (for good) (which I can't see happening cause Lunia is awesome!! ) you shouldn't have to worry about losing your character.

    But... I forget what phase its in... if it still claims its in Closed or Open Beta there's a small chance they'll be wiped for final release.
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    I'm very sure that wiping is over with. Recently lime has been added into the game and episode 5 and dacy will be released within the next 3 or so months. They are expanding the game, so I'm very sure that you will no longer have to face a wipe.

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