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Thread: Might be coming back....

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    Default Might be coming back....

    I re downloaded it and am starting to play again, but am wondering is the game cash shop dependent now? or is it just fun stuff? (hair cuts, clothing)


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    Not just fun stuff, Cash shop has items and equipments that do have an advantage. Sometimes they give free cash though.

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    Its Cash shop dependant, they said they are going to stop cash shop events like that, you may get a agcha coin or oo, but other than that, cash shop events will ever rarely happen anymore, so the game has become VERY Cash shop dependant, especially fdor Charms and Magic types.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Akel View Post
    Sometimes they give free cash though.
    Yeah, sure.

    I considered going back to Trickster for a while, too, After a while I decided to take a look at the cash shop --- after all, I had something like 5000 cash or so, from the event that happened to end the day I left. Needless to say, that cash wasn't actually handed out; I don't know whether the items that were also part of the event reward were ever given, since I was already pissed and didn't log in (besides, I wasn't sure about the name change, and what had changed).

    The event in question wasn't a cash shop event, though, just a HORRIBLE digging grind. Before that I wasn't sure about the digging, after that I knew I hated it. They might have hoped for people to burn cash shop drills, though.

    All in all the event went downhill very early (it was a two week thing) --- the requirement was for the "community" as a whole to dig up a huge amount of quest boxes. The boxes itself could be exchanged for items (although I didn't even get "one of each item" as I had planned; the digging was too unbearable, so I had to cut down a bit; as usual with F2P game event, the already-rich players were buying boxes like crazy). But back to the community count; there were checkpoints that would grant certain prices to everyone (subject to some minor conditions to prevent people from creating mules like crazy), but it was soon apparent that the last checkpoint couldn't be reached. At that point, the GMs started to bump up the counter a bit to keep the digging-idiots, and eventually lowered the stage 10 count down a bit, along with the cash amount that was rewarded. Either way, with this kind of "realtime" event condition adaptation, the final count was reached... so everyone should have gotten those 5K.

    The next event (Trickster sure had a lot of "events" back then) which followed the next day was a cash shop thing, though. They wanted people to upgrade weapons to some really high level, and then they would give them something.

    So at the time, it seemed Trickster had both cash shop and non-cash events. I don't know whether rewards for the cash events did get handed out, though.
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    ( Not playing anythiing these days, seems F2P MMO"RP"Gs have finally pissed me off enough )
    Went back to Cabal for a bit, but PK isn't my thing at all, so I don't know how long I'll stay this time.

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    The game is not cash dependent. People with cash items either won the cash from events or have the money. Congratulations you look cooler.

    Some give you stats sure, but you can make even better equips in the actual game from earning the weapon and compounding. Even if you manage to make some intense equips from cash items, it's all dependent on skill.

    The event from a while back with the 5k points for players who hadn't been active for 4 or more months? I received my points just fine, as well as several other people. Maybe someone randomly signed in your account for a brief moment in the 4 months? Or you can post a complaint and have them look into it.

    Trickster holds several events still. They have one in process at the moment. Cash and non cash. So it's generally fair.

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