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    Default The Biggest And Best Games List


    This list contains lots of games some pay to play some free to play and some in development also some in testing stages.If you have some games for me to add let me know.Although some screenshots have foreign writing on them all the sites are english. Please note this list is updated frequently usually every other day.This list includes rpg games as well as online games.

    Cadalion Online
    Cadalion online is a new 3D mmorpg under development based on elements.Elemental weaponry to elemental monsters, there are three islands and one with a mountain on called Mount Cadalion which is the biggest mountain in the world.

    Everlasting Journey,8.0.html Development

    Ace Pilot,39.0.html Development

    Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu Free To Play 6/10

    Wonder King Online Closed for the time being

    Wind Slayer 2 Closed for the time being

    Z9 Star Closed Beta sign up

    Sevencore Beta

    Rosh Online Free To Play

    Seal Online Free to play

    Eclipse War Online Open beta April 24th

    Rohan Systemholic Online Rohan Free To Play

    Lunia Closed till company receives more funds

    Splash Fighters Free to play

    GetAmped2 Free to play

    Cosmic Break Free to play pay for extras

    Onigiri Alpha testing had ended

    M.A.T Mission Against Terror Free To Play

    Pristontale Free To Play 9/10 needs more features not just crafting, quests, pve and pvp

    Lucent Heart Open beta

    Maple Story Free To Play With Cash Shop Free To Play With Cash Shop Free To Play With Cash Shop maple story is a fun side scrolling mmorpg the only thing that really lets this game down is the time it takes to level. A bonus is it has mini games as well 7/10

    United Eleven Coming May 15th 2014

    Atlantica Online Free To Play

    Vindictus Free To Play Free To Play

    Mabinogi Free To Play With Cash Shop

    Dekaron Free To Play

    Combat Arms Free To Play Free To Play

    Dragon Nest Free To Play

    Extraction Closed beta

    Auditon Online Dance Battle Free To Play With Cash Shop Free To Play With Cash Shop

    Aion Free To Play pay for extras

    Blade & Soul Sign up for news

    Guild Wars Buy to play then free to play 9/10

    Guild Wars 2 Buy to play then free to play

    Lineage 2 Free To Play

    WildStar Pre order available

    Mu Online Free To Play Pay For Full Acess

    SUN Online Development

    Fly For Fun Free To Play With cash shop I like this game at lvl 20 you can Fly on either a broomstick or a hoverboard when you get lvl 15 it gets fun because then you pick your character class 7/10

    Eternal Blade Development

    Rappelz Free To Play With Cash Shop

    Allods Online Free To Play with cash shop moving

    Age of Wulin Open beta

    R2 Online Development

    Continent of the Ninth Free To Play

    All Points Bulletin Reloaded Free to play

    Super Monday Night Combat Free to play

    Offensive Combat Free to play

    DarkOrbit Free to play

    AirMech Free to play

    World of Battles Free to play

    WarMage Battlegrounds Free to play

    Fallen Earth Free To Play

    Taikodom Free To Play

    Victory The Age Of Racing Free to play

    Knight Online Free To Play

    Kingdom Online Development

    Rising Force Online Free To Play

    Rumble Fighter Free To Play Closing March 23rd moving to GamesCampus

    Nine Dragons Free To Play

    Shot Online Free To Play with cash shop

    Drift City Free To Play

    Asda Story 2 Free To Play with cash shop

    Ecol Tactics Online Free to play

    World Tour Fishing Open beta

    Archlord 2 Coming summer 2014

    Justice x war 2 Free To Play

    Ragnarok Online There is a Free Server with lower rates

    Ragnarok Online 2 Free to play

    Rose Online Free To Play 7/10

    Requiem:Bloodymare Two account types basic and premium

    Dofus Free To Play pay for extra features. Dofus is a Turn Based Combat strategy game with many professions such as fishing and woodcutting and many more 6/10

    Dofus Arena Development

    Wakfu Free To Play pay for extras

    Conquer Online Free to play

    Eudemons Online Free To Play

    Zero Online Free To Play

    The Mana World Free to play

    Kal Online Free To Play With Cash Shop

    Eternal Lands Free To Play

    Dungeons & Dragons Online Free To Play pay for extras

    Lord Of The Rings Online Free to play pay for extras

    Asheron's Call Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

    Infinite Crisis Beta sign up Open beta March 14th

    The Secret World Buy to Play

    Age Of Conan Free To Play Pay for extras

    Anarchy Online Free To Play

    Illutia Free To Play

    Atriarch Beta available for register

    DarkFall Online Buy to Play then pay to play 30 days free after purchase

    Club Penguin Free To Play Pay For Extras

    Star Wars Attack Squadrons Beta sign up

    Hello Kitty Online Free To Play With Cash Shop

    Runescape Free To Play Pay For Extra Features

    Transformers Universe Beta sign up

    World Of Warcraft Unlimited free trial capped at level 20 then pay to play

    Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Open beta

    Heroes of the Storm Beta sign up

    A Tale In The Desert 5 24 Hours free then pay to play

    Tibia Free To Play Pay For Extras

    The Saga Of Ryzom Free for the first 200 levels of a skill.The saga of ryzom has a great community nice visuals you can swim which is fun. You dont gain exp and gain levels like in normal online games
    you train up your meele and magic crafting and harvesting skills by using them can get a bit repetitive 7/10

    Entropia Universe Free To Play
    The PED The virtual currency in Project Entropia is PED, or Project Entropia Dollars. The fixed exchange rate equals 10 PED = 1 US Dollar

    Gekkeiju Online Free To Play

    Sherwood Free To Play

    Marian's World Free To Play

    Multiplayer Tank Ball Free To Play

    Moon Base Free To Play

    Americas Army Free To Play

    Endless Online Free To Play

    Battle For Wesnoth Free To Play Turn Based Strategy Game

    Deicide Free To Play

    Tales Of Pirates/Pirate King Online Free To Play Free To Play

    Galaxy Online Free To Play

    Angels Online Free To Play

    Voyage Century Free To Play

    Godswar Online Free To Play

    Myth War 2 Online Free To Play

    Wonderland Online Free To Play

    100 Years' War Free to play

    Moonlight Online Free to Play

    Tactics Arena Online Free To Play

    Furcadia Free To Play

    Free World Apocalypse Portal Beta

    Puzzle Pirates There's a free server

    Bang Howdy Free To Play

    Whirled Open Beta

    Game Gardens Create, host,play games for free

    Alteil Free To Play

    Power Football Free To play

    Ran Online Free To Play
    This games different to any other game.You start of by picking one of three schools each with different strengths and weaknesses then you do missions for that school 6/10

    With Your Destiny Free To Play

    Hellgate Free to play

    Aika Free To Play with cash shop

    Tantra Free To Play Tantra is an MMORPG based on Middle Eastern spirituality, with a certain originality and charm.When I first played, I didn't appreciate the graphics
    or the interface, yet I still really liked it because it had style and originality 7/10

    Zantarni Free To Play

    Faldon Free To Play

    New Age 3 Free To Play strategy game

    Habbo Hotel Free To Play A online chat game where u have to buy credits for real money to get stuff in game

    Counter Strike

    Soldat Free To Play

    Ashen Empires Free To Play

    Dransik Free To Play

    Artifact free pay for more options

    Blockland Free game where u build stuff with lego

    Age Of Time Free To Play

    Illarion Free To Play

    Navy Field Free To Play

    Ogre island Free To Play

    World Of Pirates Free to play

    Astonia Free To Play

    Aces High 2 14 Day Free Trial

    Globulation 2 Free To Play turn based strategy online/offline game

    Neocron 2 Free To Play

    Another World Free To Play But You Can Buy Extra Features

    Street Fighter Online Free online fighting game

    Dogs Of The Seas Free To Play

    Fate Free Trial

    Realm Wars Beta

    Graal online

    Adventure Quest Free To Play

    Dragon Fable

    Wurm Online There are two account types a basic account which is Free and theres also a premium account which you have to pay for

    Savage The Battle For Newerth Free To Play action/adventure/strategy game

    Savage 2 A Tortured Soul Free To Play

    Heroes of Newerth Free to play

    Strife Closed beta sign up available

    Final Fantasy XI Online Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Buy to play then pay to play

    Nosgoth Closed beta sign up

    The Realm Online 7 Day Free Trial Each character has his or her own password protected house

    Risk Your Life 2 Free To Play

    Tales Runner Open beta April 22nd launch 24th

    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Free To Play

    Heva Clonia Online Free to play

    Red Stone Free To Play

    Uncharted Waters Online Free to play

    LaTale Free to play

    Cabal Online
    US Version Free To Play
    EU version Free To Play

    HeroesGo Open beta

    Nexus The Kingdom Of The Winds Free till level 49

    Dark Ages Free To Play pay for extras

    Shattered Galaxy Free To Play

    Robo Smasher Free to play

    Knuckleball Online Development

    Control Monger Free Online MMOFPS

    Sky Blade Sword Of The Heavens Pay To Play

    Vantage Master Free To Play

    Dark Solstice Coming soon

    Istaria Free option and paying option

    Minions Of Mirth Free version and payed version

    Starport Galactic Empires Free To Play

    Silkroad Online Free To Play good but needs more servers its really hard to get on and very laggy 6.5/10

    Special Force

    Silkroad Web

    Digimon Masters Free To Play

    Rpg World Online Free you can buy extras

    Crossfire Free To Play

    Dark And Light Free To Play

    Live For Speed Online a racing car simulator game Free to play pay for extras

    Xenimus 14 Day Free Trial

    Free Style Street Basketball Free To Play

    GhostX Ultimate Free To Play

    Mini Racing Online Free To Play

    Champions of Regnum Free to play

    Stick Arena Free To Play

    Stick Adventures Online Free To Play

    Volund Free to play

    Star Sonata Free to play

    Helbreath Free to play

    ManKind Free Trial

    World War Two Online Free to play

    Second Life Free To Play Pay For Extras

    Bloodlust Free To Play

    Empiriana Free To Play

    Lands Of Hope

    Kingdom Of Drakkar Free To Play

    Monkey Quest Free To Play pay for extras

    PetPet Park Free to play or pay for membership

    Non Referral Link Free To Play Pay For Extras
    Referral Link

    Non Referral Link Free To Play Pay For Extras
    Referral Link

    Nin Online Alpha

    Naruto Arena Free To Play

    Twilight War Pre order available

    Valhyre Development

    Kuma War Free To Play

    Dispatch Of Army Free To Play

    Gunbound Free To Play Pay For Extras. Gunbound is a Turn Based Strategy Game Like Worms 9/10

    Rakion Free To Play Pay For Extras

    Wolf Team Free to play Free To Play

    Scarlet Blade Free to play

    F.E.A.R. Online Beta sign up available

    Aura Kingdom Open beta

    A Alliance Of Valiant Arms Free To Play

    Soldier Front Free To Play

    Soldier Front 2 Free to play

    Lime Odyssey Beta sign up

    Eden Eternal Free To Play

    Shaiya: Light and Darkness Free To Play

    Grand Fantasia Free To Play

    DDTank Free to play

    Moove Online Free To Play

    IMVU Free To Play

    Blood Clans Free To Play

    Quantum Legacy Free To Play

    Atulos Online Free To Play

    Vendetta Online Free Trial

    Dark Messiah Buy To Play

    Seek And Dread Online Free To Play

    Imperial Wars Pay To Play

    EverQuest Free to play pay for extra

    EverQuest 2 Free to play pay for extras

    EverQuest Next Beta sign up

    Landmark Apply for beta

    PlanetSide Free Up To Level 6

    PlanetSide 2 Free to play

    DC Universe Online Free To Play pay for extras

    Vanguard Saga Of Heroes Free To play pay for extras closing July 31st

    Wizardry Online Free to play closing July 31st

    Extreme Velocity 3D Free To Play

    TrackMania Forever Free to play

    Mount And Blade Free Trial available till level 7

    Tanx Free To Play

    Scions Of Fate Free To Play

    Hero Online Free To Play

    Operation 7 Free to play

    Cloud Nine Free To Play

    Soul Saver Online Free to play

    Air Attack Free To Play

    Alien Adoption Agency Free to play

    Allegiance Free to play

    Attack - Retrieve - Capture Free To Play

    Boundless Planet Free to play

    A3 Free to play pay for extras

    The 4th Coming Free To Play

    Eve Online 14 Day Free Trial

    Crowns Of Power Free to play

    Rise The Vieneo Province 14 Day Free Trial

    Myst Online:Uru Live Free To Play

    Savage Eden Pay To Play

    BZFlag Free To Play

    NosTale Free to play

    Super Dancer Online Free to play

    Alganon Free to play

    Space Odyssey Free To Play

    Evernight-The Reign Of Darkness Free To Play

    Phosphor Beta a multiplayer first-person shooter in your web browser

    Yu-Gi-Oh Online Pay To Play

    Flash Flash Revolution Free to play

    Frontier 1859 Development

    Astro Empires

    The Metal Knights Free To Play

    Abbatia Free To Play

    Titan Quest Theres a free demo

    Armada Online Free to play

    The Universal Free To Play

    Secrets Of Mirage Free To Play

    Redmoon Classic Free to play

    Pokemon Online Development

    PokeMMO Free to play

    TPPC Online Free To Play

    Small Ball Baseball One Time Fee

    Small Ball Football One Time Fee

    Materia Magica Free To Play

    Ruin Online Beta

    Gaia Online Free to play pay for membership or extras

    Dawnspire Free To Play

    Realms Of Kaos Free to play

    Pirates Of the burning sea Free to Play

    Quest Free To Play

    Carom 3D Free To Play

    Astron Free To Play

    PlayHoldem Free To Play

    Fantasy Masters Free to play

    Clan Lord Free Demo

    Dark Space Free To Play

    Fantasy Worlds Rhynn Free To Play

    Tale Of Tales-The Endless Forest Free to play

    Counter Strike 2D Free To Play

    Sea Fight Free To Play

    Father Online Free To Play

    Rhodes 3D

    True Combat Elite An enemy territory modification

    Tremulous Free To Play

    Natural Selection Half life 1 mod

    Underworld Online Free to play

    Forsaken World Free to play

    Swordsman Beta sign up available

    Jade Dynasty Free to play

    Star Trek Online Free To Play

    Perfect World Free To Play

    Neverwinter Free to play

    Rusty Hearts Free to Play

    Raiderz Free to Play

    Champions Online Free To Play for silver account pay for gold account

    Blacklight Retribution Free to Play

    Saga Open Beta

    Heat Online Free To Play closing May 1st

    4Story Free to play

    Travia 2 Closed beta has ended

    Luvinia Open beta

    World of Warplanes Open beta

    World of Tanks Free to play

    World of Warships Alpha coming soon

    AvatarStar Free to play

    Colonies Online Testing stages

    Blast Breaker Online Development

    GunZ 2: The Second Duel Free to play

    FireFall Open Beta

    Cube World Alpha

    Ghost Recon Online Open beta

    The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Open beta

    Might and Magic Duel of Champions Free to play

    The Settlers Online Free to play

    WorldAlpha Open Beta

    Project Eco Planet Free to play

    Carimon Free to play

    Szone Online Free to play

    Light of Nova Free to play

    The Repopulation Alpha sign up

    RageInSky Beta

    MechWarrior Online Beta

    Stronghold Kingdoms Free to play

    Mortal Online Free to play

    Zwok Free to play

    Sudden Attack Free to play

    Pox Nora Free to play

    Void Rim Beta

    Achaea Free To Play

    Lusternia Free To Play

    Imperian Free To Play

    Aetolia Free To Play

    Dark Throne Free to play

    Tatsumaki: Land At War Development

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    Face of Mankind is no longer in open beta. Its gone gold and p2p.

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    Thanks for reposting, i was thinking that they shoulda brought this along because this is a way better list than that other one.

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    Oh yeah, and chaos, you might wanna put a 56ker warning on the topic title

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    Well it seems you have alot of IP's from the old forum. I am unsure if this is you, but I shall sticky it anyways and unsticky the old one. But great to have you back.

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    nice list...when was the last update?

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    I've never played Ultima Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira View Post
    Thanks for reposting, i was thinking that they shoulda brought this along because this is a way better list than that other one.
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    Hello ! Can any1 help me with Another Day korea? I have no idea how to register

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    U can change Blockland to B2P

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