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Thread: Is it worth it?

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    Default Is it worth it?

    I've been trying to play this game for a while now. I get the tutorial section to run perfectly fine but once in the main game, well I guess the problem started the first time I stepped into town, the game will run for only a short while before crashing. I'm sure if I did some research and what not, I would be able to run the game fine but what I want to know is: is this game any good? The graphics look okay, and I like the fact that there's some kind of story going on, but is it worth the trouble?

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    The servers did had some serious issues recently, but the game has been stable for a while now, so it must be local problem of yours indeed.

    Whether it's "worth it"... how can anyone but yourself answer that? Maybe someone who knows you a bit better than we do, but other than that?

    It's more of a simple game --- no rare items to farm, no "raids" (although I've never done these in other games either, so I don't miss them), alchemy levels like a breeze, conservative graphics and sound. The multiclassing is a minor complication at the beginning, but there really isn't much to it.

    Pets are cash shop only, but can be bought from players; I don't currently have one since the guide(s) for my main job suggest one of the more expensive ones, and I didn't want to bother with the cheap ones. Plus, there's a lot of work and cash shop stuff around pets, and I'm busy enough.
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    I think the game might be worth a look into it, I've played it a little bit. But I've been so buisy making my own game and whatnot, I really don't have much time on my hands for anything these days.

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