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Thread: RuneScape Friends In The Summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by killbot10000 View Post
    well that all sounds fine and dandy. you can add me if you'd like, i'd be happy to help you (not much going on these days). im on when ever i can, which is a lot until football starts back up. i dont know of any clans, not being in one myself finding them rather pointless now, so i cant really help you there...all i can say really is to just look on www.runehq.com they have a forum thread for people looking and stuff, but i think you have to sign up with them, cant remember. and what kinda laptop are you getting? i always like a good geeky conversation about computers and stuff ^_^ lol.
    Uh, well I would like to talk to you in private but I'm not sure how yet, so I'll tell you this. I've been looking for one for a few weeks(well, months) but, because I'm only 13 my mom wants me to keep the price range at 600 bucks or cheaper. So, that kinda sucks, but what ever. So here are some details about the laptop(all that the ad says):

    Acer Notebook
    Intel Celeron 550 Processor
    160GB Hard Drive
    1GB DDRII (RAM) Memory
    RAM is upgradable to 2GB.

    so, yeah... I'm going to right down your Rs Name somewhere. Thx

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    Hey Killbot, where have you been?

    You can add me (krd101)

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