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Thread: Emp1re Guild Recruiting!

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    Arrow Emp1re Guild Recruiting!

    Guild Forum Link



    The Leaders

    Guild Leader
    IGN: Himerus
    Level: 120 Celestial
    Class: Trans Knight
    Character Screenshot:

    Reporting on Duty Sir

    I Love the way I am....

    Members Photo:

    Name: John
    Nick: Himerus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Location: LA California

    First of all i want to say THANK YOU for all the support that you are guys giving for the Guild EMP1RE, second i want to Thank my Dad and my Mom for always being there when ever i need wcoins xD..but now i'm limited huhuhu.... For those who doesn't know yet the history of this guild EMP1RE please allow me to share it with you i still remember when i created this Guild and it was the hardest part for me because no one believes in me if i want to recruit them especially high levels and many players told me that "you Himerus why don't you let the real owner of EMPIRE from SD make a guild here in WYDGLObal", "you are a LOOTER of guild etc..and i feel so bad and hurt because first of all i don't even know that there is a guild EMPIRE in SD because i don't even PLAY SD before, i started the WYDGlobal since December 2007 i joined Blessed Academy after that maybe around lvl 250+ i decided to make a guild called "EMPIRE" i'm still using my character "HARLEM" if you still remember that it was a Black Foema that can kill 4 high lvl God in PK Arena xD, then one day my brother use it and accidentally type /cancellation and then suddenly BOOOmmmm! gone in the wind my 100M gold. Because of that i my self banned my brother for using "HARLEM" until now, then i decided to use "Himerus" as my main character. After i collected about 100M gold, i decided to make a guild again called "EMP1RE" instead of letter "I" i make it number "1" cause i know someday guild "EMP1RE will become popular in WYDGlobal. And now i can say that we are now achieving our dreams to become popular in WYDGlobal, and again i wanna thank all the ppl who support and love EMP1RE and for giving me a chance as your Leader i know that i'm not a good leader but i'm trying my best to become a good Leader in EMP1RE and i PROMISE you that i will always protect you from our enemy as long as i have single pot in my inventory.. One day i know I might be gone in the game but all the happy memories that you guys shared with me will never be gone..all of you guys will be always in my HEART FOREVER!!!!

    First Sub-Leader
    IGN: iAmNameless
    Level: 170 Celestial
    Class: Artillery Foema
    Character Screenshot:

    Member Photo:

    Real Name: Manolo
    Nick Name: Manj
    Age: 25
    Location: Philippines
    Occupation: Student
    Hobbies: Computer Games(all around), Playing Chess, Reading Books(sci-fi, fantasy), Writing Poems, Animes, Hangging out with Friends, Gimmick, Night Life, Dancing(break-dance), Car & Motor Racing(drag race), Girls(teengirls), Travelling, Adventure, Imaginations, FFRP, Medieval Times, History, Literature

    Introduction: Hi guys! It's me iAmNameless. I think a lot of you already knew me since I'm one of the close beta players of WYD Global. But for the sake of the new ones and those who don't know me, I'll give you some revelations to who i Am.

    I've play SD my before WYD Global came to be and founded one of the strongest Red Guild in SD my. I left SD my due to some personal reasons and played SD ph and become a famous pkeir character. I will not say my character name or who I was back then for my own personal reasons.

    I've handled a lot of Guilds in many MMO's before such as RO(Ragnarok Online), ROSE (Rush On Seven Episode), RF(Rising Force). The Guilds I've Handled and have been has become one of the strongest and famous Guild on each game. Our Guild in ROSE where shown on MTV.

    Anyways, in WYD Global, I was known as KillerKiller before and was quite a noob because of the different skills and other things in WYD Global from old SD but some bugs from SD before worked in WYD Global but WYD Global are fixing them well. T T Good Bye to my No Fail Ancienting God Weapon Tactics. It doesn't work anymore T T

    My achievements on WYD Global
    I was one of the Sub-Chief of one of the pioneer strong Guilds in WYD Global, MAFIA. Then became an Omni member and left it because Jes prefer to love his BR friends than me T T. I founded Onrpg then went to Zeus when I failed to lead it. Left Zeus and reestablished Onrpg and Akatsuki which was a success. After that I formed Armageddon which I have high hopes and expectation to dominate WYD Global and become no 1 Guild but because of Arrogant aka BonnieCan who back stab me, that dreamed ended and continued on Emp1re. I really wanna settle in 1 Guild which will dominate in WYD Global. I hope this will be it guys!

    Well, thats all about me....

    Games I've Played before: Here are the list of Web-Browser Games! and yeah! I'm playing all of them!
    Tribal Wars
    Astro Empires
    Unification Wars
    Naruto Earth
    The Crusades
    Tech Warrior
    Monster Game
    Ninja Wars
    Gaia Online
    Adventure Quest
    Drug Runners
    Knight Fight
    Imperia Online
    Ice Wars
    Naruto Fan Game
    Holy War
    Desk Top Games
    Nexus War
    Hockey Arena
    Crimson Moon
    Rpg Classics
    Tibia City
    Space Neo
    Neon Dragon
    Gods of Time

    Ragnarok Online
    Rose Online
    RF Online
    Mapple Story
    Trickster Online
    TS Online
    Seal Online
    Tales of Pirate
    Final Fantasy

    3D f2p Games
    1. 9Dragons
    2. Rose Online
    3. WYD Global
    4. Silk Road
    5. Rappelz

    2D f2p Games
    1. Trickster Online
    2. Maple Story
    3. Goonzu
    4. DOMO
    5. Lunia

    Ah i'm tired! but I've played all of them

    Screen Shots!

    Second Sub-Leader
    IGN: chaze-
    Level: 40 Celestial
    Class: Cancellation Foema
    Character Screenshot:
    Now Sub-Leader of Empire guild:

    Before Sub leader Eternity:

    Member Photo:
    Hmm pic half year ago, maybe year i dunno. anyway if i got recent one i show my face :cool:

    Pic think about 2 years ago, with good friend of Mine (me on left!)

    And a pic when i was drunk , didnt even knew i had this pic! aaaa(prob nite out with turtle,Faano,and some more,kont prob to!)(also some time ago)

    Real Name: Mathias
    Nick Name: chaze
    Age: 19
    Location: Homebase in Belgium
    Occupation: Student

    Hello, as i said my real name is Mathias, if you wan you can call me like that in game. I play sd malasian for 2 years and the started play wyd global on day 1.In SD mostly of all the time i was a sub-leader, like i am now in emp1re. I have gotten my own guild but when blue was losing kw we had to decide, so we merged with another guild. I became back sub-leader. Here in Wyd global i have also got my own guild called LEGENDARY, but know i am here to help Himerus and Nameless. Anyway i quited for while and now just started back play. I play basketbal as my hobby and going out is another favourit hobby kekeeke.
    In game pics everybody will have seen me once i guess. Later i put real pic here, if i can find nice one.


    Some people love me some people DONT

    Third Sub-Leader

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    Well I remember you recruiting onrpg members awhile back earlier. I remember I wanted to join but my pc wouldn't play WYD for some reason so I couldn't really do much about it. I just recently got it to work though =O and im playing on a Transknight level 78 atm. So if your still recruiting I would like to join =D . My in game name is Aidsbox360.

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    Smile one watches

    One should not expect the replica watches have the same mechanism as a genuine model. But this does not affect the exterior of a replica in any way.

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    my IGN is Zerozor, i registered on your forums as Mamnad

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    They only accept God and above characters.
    I guess you should have mentioned that DoomsDayDevice.

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    It is new rule ^^ Btw we have new 2 new sub-leaders (bizzi left wyd and nameless gave tag to flo3w) and Himerus is on vacance now
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    Default I wish I was strong so I could join the EMPIRE!!! ^w^

    Hey guys^-^
    My IGN is Apothic
    lvl 171 Mortal....I'm still new here^-^

    I'm so IMPRESSED by the resumes I've seen...
    I'm most IMPRESSED with Manolos..he's so strrrronnnngg...omg>w<

    Kill me please!! I wanna be your victim^-^.v..

    Well, more power to the Empire..and hope full to me also bleh!!^-^.v..


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