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Thread: Fiesta Patch!

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    Default Fiesta Patch!

    The new patch just hit the servers last night! Anybody have a chance to try it out yet?

    I'm way too low level for the new Helga raid boss but the new quest icons I've seen are really cool and helpful. I started the new wedding quest too, but I doubt I'll be able to farm enough to earn a spot in GM WiLDFiRe's wedding.

    Full patch notes:

    Fiesta 1.2.95
    -Increased Quest EXP and Rewards for levels 1-30. You can now level from 1 30 by only doing quests!
    -New Quest: WiLDFiRe's Wedding Woes Mine and gather to find Isya Blossoms. Compete to win a Pegasus by completing as many wedding quests as possible! Visit Vietree in Roumen to begin the quest.
    ▪ Quest Reward: Fireworks(Stack of 10)
    -Added: New Quest Markers on NPC and Maps to help aid you on your journeys.
    ▪ Red "Q" = New Quest
    ▪ Green "Q" = Quest in progress
    ▪ Blue "Q" = Turn in Quest

    Maps and Dungeons
    -New Map: Dark Passage I Located below Uruga
    -New Map: Dark Passage II Located below Uruga
    -New Dungeon: Tomb of Helga Boss Raid for all levels. But beware as this is not for the weak. Gate located in Forest of Slumber.
    ▪ Boss drops items

    -Added: Abysmal Cave - Level 20-29 Battle Field located in Elderine.
    -Added: Relic of the Abyss - Level 70-79 Battle Field located in Uruga.
    -30-39, 40-49, 50-59 Battle Field now located in Elderine.
    -60-69 Battle Field now located in Uruga.
    -Chatting is enabled in Battle Field.
    -Party is now enabled in Free Battle Zone II and III.

    Kingdom Quest
    -New KQ: Lost Mini Dragon (Hardcore) Hardcore version of the Lost Mini Dragon KQ. As of right now, level restriction is currently 46-60. This is under review.
    -Added: 2 more Gold Hill Slots.
    -Added: 1 more Giant Honeying Slot.

    Please report any skill bugs via Forum Private Messaging to Fiesta_Help.
    ▪ Fixed: Lightning Bolt Skill - Skill no longer cancels Bone Shot's Bleed De-buff.
    ▪ Fixed: Drain Mind Skill - Drain Mind [01] = 3 seconds effect. [02] = 4 seconds effect.
    ▪ Fixed: Purge Skill - Description fixed. Skill removes "first" buff.
    ▪ Added: Heal - Healing power will increase when empowered.
    ▪ Fixed: Invincible - Description now shows effect duration. (10 Seconds)

    User Interface
    -Fixed: Text bleeding on Guild Creation window.
    -Added: Tip - Message appears at level 20 informing the user to begin his promotion quest.

    World Environment
    -Fixed: Mob name Archon Juinor to Archon Junior.
    -Fixed: Relic of the Abyss NPC Facing wrong direction.

    -Fixed: Issue with Raccoon (30 Days) Item will return after maintenance is complete.

    Other Bug Fixes
    -Fixed: Image issue on initial loading screen.
    -Fixed: Issue with Vendor Shop when switching mini-houses. Users were unable to view items for sale.
    -Fixed: Issue with user attacking another user while in Vendor mode.
    -Fixed: Issue with chat box when holding down the spacebar, client kicks user out of game.
    -Fixed: Issue where window freezes when using storage and any cash shop box simultaneously.

    Free MMORPG Fiesta patch notes

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    As it seems to be with every Fiesta patch, the update is riddled with bugs. Some that weren't even problems in the first place. They managed to mess up the animations for everything, and I literally mean everything. They even managed to switch animations from different class skills.

    On top of that, they also screwed it up where some low level monsters are now high level, and some high level ones are now low level.

    And, the icing on the cake, some of the new higher leveled quests reward experienced is entered with an extra 0, so instead of 600,000 they are getting 6,000,000 so I'm betting they will do a roll back for any characters that got caught with that error.

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    They just did an emergency patch to address the issues you just mentioned. I'm not sure what exactly was fixed, as I haven't logged on yet, but hopefully they addressed all the bugs that came up.

    Personally, I'll take animation bugs that eventually get fixed in exchange for a raid dungeon, new battle fields, and a wedding feature any day of the week.

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