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Thread: Does Race matter?

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    Default Does Race matter?

    I first picked the race that float around (can't remember name) but after reading a bit about becoming a sorc/wiz (whichever one it is), I don't think it's the first class I should pic.

    Will it make a difference if I go for a melee class with him or with a human or any other race?

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    If races did matter (one better than all the others), then what would be the point in playing other races?

    I think race has a SMALL difference in stats, that makes a SMALL difference in different classes, but it doesn't matter at all which race you pick.

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    No. It used to matter, but then people complained (cuz you pretty much play all classes anyway) and so they removed any differences between races so choose your class based on how you want to look.

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    Which also makes sense since it's a main source for the "clone effect" where people look like clones in the game.

    In Domo you might play all classes eventually, but you'll most likely stick to a preferred "main" class. If races did matter, that class would probably determine your race as well, so we'd be back to all "main" spellcasters being Sylph or whatever the mage race was.

    So in Domo you get two reasons to not link class and race. In other games you only have the clone reason.

    Funny thing is that gamemakers almost never update outdated information. Domo descriptions on the official websites, as well as the Aeria forums, still give the impression that race matters.
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