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Air Rivals? Tried it not long ago, and to me, even though it was a FPS dog fighting MMORPG, it grinded like a veggie grinder.

All i did, was lvl up too fast, and pursuit monsters in slow speed chase, and take them down by constantly firing missiles at them, and the pvp sucked. all i did, was fly around really fast in circles trying to fire at the other player, while the other player constantly stayed on my tail, and spammed missiles at me, until i crashed.

No offense to anyone, but Air Rivals sucks.



I used the download manager and used a totally different mirror, and this bastard has also been downloading for 6 hours, and it has the balls to tell me it had a error, just like the last attempts?

**** this shit. Does anyone know of a good free Sci-fi themed MMO or a good, non grindy, not WoW typed of fantasy themed MMO for me to play? because im as bored, frustrated, and pissed off as ****.
try the lacon. the lacon was better then AoA in my opinion
try exteel. its roombased but very fun and addicting