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    Default Can't install AoA

    Alright. I successfully downloaded the install client. it worked fine when i tried to run it, but while it was, the power went out, and it stopped.

    So i tried running the install client again, and this time, it just did nothing but freeze the desktop, and won't let me do anything to it.

    Then, when i try to log out/restart the comp, it says that there was too many "16-bit programs" running. My mom has this pretty retro looking tool bar on her comp, is that a 16-bit program?

    EDIT: while i was typing, it finally started up, but still, im curious. What could have caused it, and how do i prevent it? did i just not wait long enough?


    I finally was able to install the game, but now, the damn client isn't even working right. it keeps saying that it has problems, so i run full update, and then, all it says is that it is deleting a bunch of stuff, then it literally says it's installing something else again, again, again, and again. just for it to say it had an error, and stop. It's not just people saying the gameplay is a let down, but the client sucks too!

    So, i'm trying to get a new patch for it, but instead, it keeps taking me to the whole client download page, and im now about to give up soon.

    From the comments on it I've read, you guys' comments, and the fact that i can't even get it running, I'm very tempted to give it a fail it.

    But I'm as bored as ***** and i don't want to go back to playing shitty, grindy, typical manga or geeky American style fantasy MMOs, they bore and grind the mess out of me!

    If i don't play something soon, and i go back to living the life of a shut-in fully (thanks to parents and me since EVERYTHING is my fault ), I'm gonna lose it, and i can't get the gut to confront mom and dad.

    I feel like the only way ill be satisfied, is if a new and faster 2d side-scrolling MMO comes out, or something non grindy comes out, or if i play something room based.

    I might just talk to my parents, even if they don't understand, which they won't, and if they did, after they've countlessly many of times ade yup excuses to walk by me, just to peep at the monitor, and used snitch9 web protection to spy on me, they would have talked to me by now.
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