After reading mostly all the post of GA i had to write something about it since im a active player of it.

Ok so the game is good, nice graphics, community is friendly(mostly all), nice character detail, etc. The game is mostly all about grinding, so thats why some people dont like it. But like in every other game the good part of it comes on higher lvl, Raids. On the meantime its Missions:Trinity/Interchange/Highway, Spotlight which are very good and grinding or killing the dungeon Boss. On the part of the pk and non-pk server theres always a pros and cons on it. Baron server=Noobs whining because they were afk and were pk'ed(which is fun to do), Bot killing-which is satisfactory to yourself, and just pk anyone that you dont like, atleast you have that freedom. On non-pk server its more friendly i guess since no pk=no pissed people, but in the other hand you cant satisfy that urge to kill someone, you have to PvP, Duel or CW. On the lowbies part it is quite antisocial until lvl 10 when you can go to the first dun. It all depends anyways. Other thing of the game is the auto attack feature or Defend Mode, so most people leave it afk while they alt-tab or do anyother stuff. One thing that i personally dont like about the game is that you dont have that much freedom when creating your characters. You have if you buy the pack...But if you dont like most people do the characters have a preset custome, so pretty much everyone will look the same on the lower lvls. You choose between Fighter, Elemental, Wizard, Scout and Musketeer as you're chars...atleast in the beggining. In the game you have UPC's which are Unique Player Characters, you can use these upcs as your chars. They have unique Upc's stances and some their unique skills. On the other hand, skill based theres a lot of stances that you can use so theres diversity in that aspect, you can use a normal sword or a pistol if you like, or just use both at the same time. Fighters have the most stances in the game so theres plenty to choose from.

Overall i give the game an 8 of 10

Just post your questions about the game, ill help the most i can. I'll write more later, dont feel like writing more now. Enjoy and have a nice day.

Yes plenty of people play both pk and non-pk sever.