Game Name: Mech Tech

Game Description: Mech Tech is a mmorpg/FPS currently in development by Emotive Media, It is being created for higher end computers and is being set in the post apocalyptic country of North America, you play as a soldier inside a MBR ( Mechanical Battle Robot )


Publisher: Emotive Media

Platforms: PC ( Will extend on this in the future hopefully )

Genre: 3D MMORPG/FPS Post Apoc/Futuristic.

Status: The release date is still being decided, its currently in early stages of development, Open alpha will begin in the next two months. ( If nothing major pops up )
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Here is a couple of screenshots:
( In no particular order, sorry )

C&C Is Welcome on the screenshots.

P.S ( on the Top textured mech we have fixed the UV Stretching above the cockpit now. )