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Thread: So..hows Lunia?

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    Default So..hows Lunia?

    Anyways, how active / good is lunia now that it's hosted by 12foottall.

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    Lunia is as fun as ever. New classes make it fun, The community is quite good, lower levels are more scarce though. There whole cash shop doesnt mess with the game at all. Problem with me was that channels seem to become laggy from time to time. Goes away when you head out into the map.

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    Default ...

    Actually cash shop does mess it up, as in you cant make a Lime char unless you buy it from cash shop, I find it stupid how in global version u need to use cash shop to get it, but on all other version the lime character is unlocked on stg 4-8....

    Oh and that's unfair in a way since Lime ends up being one of the strongest characters, both in pvp and out (a high lime in pvp in its giant form can mass kill so many)....
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    Well of how active it is,it laggs like a motha sucka and the game is acttaully a very fun game to play. I would say maybe if you want you could wait be cause the new characters are coming later this year like kreig and others(i want to play as kreig).The game is 3d with a array of muves that you can air cobo with. If you like to air combo,i recomemd Seig(you would like air combos also in pvp because it bothers the hecks out of people). Once you get to about 10 and above you start getting the good moves. It is annoying that Lime character is free in other countries but not ours .It is good if you know how to play good with a lime,trust me if you dont you will get ownded in a split sec in the pvps. I do think this is the Best game to come out of Beta this year.
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