Team name: Team Greyfall

Game name: Greyfall Online

The game engine is realmcrafter.

The Game:

The game will have a mix of many different cultures;
like viking-like people, Inca-like people,
and medieval knight-like people. Players start off in
one of the main factions, and can then join either your factions
guilds or neutral guilds that control territories in-game.
Different factions can take over towns, so it will be a semi-rts
for guild leaders and officers, with big npc and pc battles.
THis game will also have a large emphasis on pvp,
where killing another player will gain you xp just like
when you kill a monster.

That is the basic concept of the game. Dont judge the game further until you contact me and learn more of what were trying to do.

We have also come up with a class system and designed the interface etc.

If you are interested, reply to this post, or send me an e-mail at

We also have a temporary freewebs website, which we will be using until we get the main website up and running.

Here's also the link to all the concept art: