Game Name: Renaissance Dynasties

Game Description:Step back into time with your persona of the 16th century.

Navigate daily life in 1550's Europe through an intensive and active role play experience. Realistic game-play during the Elizabethan golden age, begin your journey on the British Isles.

What one can do in life, one can do in RD--nothing is beyond your grasp.

Enter our Forums, create your persona, and delve into a second life in England, Scotland, or Wales. Travel to France during the height of diplomatic negotiations with Spain. join the Royal Court in Winchester, or summer in the Highlands. Explore the New World and found a colony. Reveal an exotic trade route, and reap the profits. Pirate the seas or simply tend to your fields or see a play at the town playhouse. Join a local guildhall, define your trade in your village. Found a band of thieves and hone your skills on the highways. Or encapsulate the spirit of the Renaissance by experimenting and inventing new technologies.

Anything is possible.


Publisher: InDe Games

Platforms: PC


Status: beta begins Sept 08 - forums open with IG rules NOW, beta listing