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She also makes it sound as if Sorcerers were "destructive". Pfft. Please... in PvP they own, sure, but in PvE they are below every other class when it comes to survival. Gunslingers, on the other hand... They can train at level 95 monsters before any other class even dreams of doing so. Thing with Gunslingers is that they do little damage PER SHOT; that means that their chances of knocking back the enemy are low, they, however, attack incredibly fast and can deal a lot of damage over time.
I faced a level 100+ gunslinger in PvP, and each hit did like 100 damage to me(I actually killed him twice). The only reason he won was because of the high speed of his attacks(REALLY FAST) knocking me back like 20% of the time.
EDIT: This was with a level 21 crossbow explorer.